What do you need to know before buying a dishwasher machine?
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What do you need to know before buying a dishwasher machine?

Dishwasher machines are rapidly transitioning from a luxury item to a necessity in India today.

What do you need to know before buying a dishwasher machine?

They are incredible time savers and keep your kitchen utensils clean and hygienic. Forget the agonizing task of manually washing each soiled dish. Forget about wrinkled fingers caused by prolonged exposure to water. With a convenient dishwasher machine, all of that hassle is largely unnecessary. Dishwasher machines not only save you time and energy, but they also extend the life and durability of your cutlery and utensils. Before you jump in your car and head out to the store to purchase a dishwasher, consider below factors you need to know before buying a dishwasher machine.


Dishwasher machines can be costly, but that is the price you pay for convenience and comfort. Consider a basic budget of between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 55,000 and choose the option that provides the best value for your money.

Dishwashers are classified into two types:

●Basic Standard Dishwashers: These models are functional but lack features. They are typically inexpensive and fit beneath your kitchen counter.

●Standard High-End Dishwashers: These under-counter models include various upscale features that ensure your dishes are as clean as possible. They may be on the pricey side, but many of them are well worth the extra money.

Consider the Dimensions

●Consider Dimensions: While you are not required to remodel your kitchen to consider purchasing a dishwasher machine, doing so will undoubtedly give your kitchen a sleeker appearance. Ascertain that your measurements are precise to avoid purchasing a dishwasher that is either too large or too small for your kitchen counter. The majority of standard dishwasher machines are 24 by 24 inches in size, which fits beneath most kitchen counters.

●Capacity: A typical Indian household will require more pots and pans than the average household. If yours is similar, you'll want to ensure that the dishwasher can handle your typical load of dishes. Verify that the compartments are adjustable and that the silverware and utensils you typically use fit comfortably. Carry them with you if necessary.

Energy efficiency

Dishwasher machines are quite efficient at conserving water and electricity! They can save up to 40 liters of water per cycle and consume as little as 300-kilowatt hours annually! It is critical, however, that you consider your options. Ideally, choose a dishwasher that consumes less than 25 liters of water and less than 300 kWh of electricity per year. A rating of three to four stars meets both of these criteria.


Each dishwasher machine model has a good rating that indicates the type of noise it produces. Here's a guide to what to look for.

●50 Decibels: They're a little noisy; they're about the same volume as a normal conversation.

●40 Decibels: Though the music can drown them out, these models are audible but tolerable enough to ignore.

●30 decibels: The best models are whisper-quiet. These dishwashers are so quiet that you won't even notice them running in the kitchen. You can consider dishwasher machine IFB, as IFB manufactures less noisy dishwashers than any other brand in India.

Essential Characteristics

There are numerous additional features available, depending on the brand and your budget. As is customary, the larger your budget, the more features you can choose from. Consider all available options before making a decision.

●Cycle Selection: Determine the number of cycle options available to you. Certain utensils require a different cleaning method; for example, plastic requires more time to clean than steel.

●Water Filtration: This convenient feature ensures no icky particles remain in the water after the second or third cycle of the day. A filtration system easily traps and eliminates those icky remnants.

●Additional Rack: This is a requirement on days when you have hosted guests. If you live in a joint family with more than four members, this feature will come in handy.

●Special Zones: It is the best feature that cleans your utensils to the last unreachable corner.

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