Disgusting Halloween Candy
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10 Of The Most Disgusting Halloween Candies According To My Instagram Followers

I want candy. But not this candy.

10 Of The Most Disgusting Halloween Candies According To My Instagram Followers

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It always has been, and it always will be. When I was a kid, it was because I got buckets and buckets of free candy. Now, it's because I get buckets and buckets of 90% off candy from Walmart on the day after Halloween. Progress. Speaking of Halloween candy, it can be quite a controversial topic. Here is a comprehensive list of the most hated Halloween candy, brought to you by my Instagram followers.

1. Candy Corn


Literally had about 43 people tell me that they hated candy corn.

Some responses as to why:

"It looks and sounds disgusting. Like why would you even eat it."

"It tastes like shit lol."

"It's just so bland. Like eating compressed powder."

"It's just gross."

"It tastes like dirt and the texture is vile."

"It's sickeningly sweet and doesn't really taste like anything but sugar. It makes my teeth hurt and it's just nasty."

Y'all are coming hard for candy corn. Sheesh.

2. Jaw Breakers


No reason as to why, just Jaw Breakers.

3. Almond Joy


Retweet. The texture of raw coconut flakes literally sends chills up and down my spine. It's so gross. But I LOVE coconut flavor. Maybe I'm just weird, but someone did agree with me, otherwise Almond Joys wouldn't be on this list.

4. Snickers


Woah, woah woah. Wait a minute. Snickers? I get it if you're allergic to peanuts but who doesn't like snickers?

I will say, though: Milky Ways are 100 times better. Sorry not sorry.

5. Pixy Stix 


Okay, I do enjoy Pixy Stix. BUT, the reasoning behind this person saying it was their least favorite candy really makes sense.

They said, "come on. Who would waste the sugar and calories on that when you could have chocolate?!"

And that, I can respect.

6. Reese's Cups


What kind of monster doesn't like Reese's Cups?!?!?! Or Reeses's in general?!?! Unless you're allergic to peanut butter, then carry on bUT WHAT THE HELL?! They're like a Halloween icon.

7. Anything other than Reese's 


This person knows what's up.

8. Tootsie Rolls


Someone said, "they weird me out."

Y'ALL. GOTTA. CHILL. Tootsie Rolls are so good, wtf?! Especially the long ones!

9. Peeps


"I feel like they're just leftovers from the previous years." Lol, probably.

Peeps are literally so gross, and they're popping up at Halloween, Christmas, literally every holiday now - not just Easter.

10. Twizzlers


No. Just no. If you enjoy eating plastic, Twizzlers are for you.

I should have just changed this to a roast of candy corn, but there are other disgusting Halloween candies that need to be roasted as well. If you like any of these candies, well, more power to you (and more discounted candy after Halloween).

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