Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For
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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

At this point in time, digital marketing has been changing so much that what was deemed efficient few years ago has become an old hat now.

Posting various contents to social media was all you need to maximize your following. Nowadays, customer interactions must come at first-rate quality. You will fall behind the curve if you are not able to wow your customers with your personalized and relevant content. You must be able to start a real and timely conversation with them too. Many of the businesses are on the peak of keeping up with the latest marketing fad already. However, most of them are still trying to catch-up with what was the trend few years ago.

The idea of marketing has been around us for many years already. It has also experienced numbers of massive alterations over time, especially with new trends appearing from time to time.

Digital marketing is evolving and changing each day because it is exceptionally dependent on the advancement of technology. Every year, new strategies are being introduced. Digital marketing is undeniably growing at such a rapid pace. It is so fast that it may confuse you at times. However, here are the important details on everything you need to watch out for about digital marketing today.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is considered by many to be technology's cutting edge. However, maybe in the next few years, it will become as common as the smartphones we have today. Separated from all the ramifications of popular Sci-Fi movies, AI is a computer that gathers facts about various situations. This can be done through programmed sensors or via human input. AI then uses the gathered information in solving problems or performing specific tasks.

Moreover, AI is a computerized system that is able to perform tasks which generally requires human intelligence to be attained. For this reason, people tend to fear AI.

AI has also tons of potential in marketing. Today, AI is used mostly for customer service, content marketing, and advertising.

Do not worry; AI is not yet capable of replacing a content marketer's job. Right now, AI's job usually only involves identifying trends, drumming up data, and performing competitor research. However, contents generated by AIs are already here. AI is specifically good at producing data-heavy reports and making it brief. These AI-generated articles don't have the same vigor and quality as human-written articles have. But they undeniably save vast amounts of time, effort and money to get the information needed.

2. Chat bots

Chat bots are basically everywhere. They range from mobile applications to business websites, and even flocking the social media news feeds. They can serve different and varied purposes. But most of the time, chat bots are used to answer basic questions and may also help users to complete a simple task. Many advanced chat bots are utilized by enterprises as virtual assistants. There are chatbots attributes that had been constantly emerging recently such as:

  • Shopping assistance
  • Lead qualification
  • Intelligent researches
  • Website browsing assistance
  • Talent recruits
  • Accessibility
  • Self-service

Chat bots are inexpensive that even small businesses use it. There are tons of conversational AI platforms for businesses offered out there. It can maximize your leverage from greeting visitors to catering their concerns, and assisting them on how to purchase your product or services.

3. Video

The popularity of video keeps on. It's maintaining its efficiency on digital marketing trend. Cisco even predicted that 81% of the internet traffic in 2020 would most likely consist of videos. It is an overwhelming thought. However, it is critical to start this platform without any background knowledge yet. So better start learning now. Producing and uploading are few of the best methods to deliver messages globally without the help of an expensive outside agency. Only few businesses reported that they used agencies for video production needs. Videos are also easy to find via different search engines. This will greatly contribute to the company's ranking on search engines.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Google updated its PageSpeed way back in July 2018. This is one of the search algorithm updates that assisted digital marketers to remain in focus. It also helps them become prepared to deal with any changes in the digital marketing trends. With this latest update, Google will be prioritizing fast-loading websites than those slow-loading websites on their search results ranking. Small-time businesses are specifically vulnerable to this change. They might host their business websites in shared servers which may offer only limited resources. Sad to say, these shared servers do not have the same internet development and resources than of those big and independent servers.

In reality, over 84 percent of the world's population browses online to find products or services they needed. Moreover, 93 percent of them are not looking past the first page of the search results. If your business is not on the first page, start to question the efficiency of your marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization is needed to be able to promote effectively and to be able to keep up with the fast-paced digital trend. Some companies such as digital marketing by Edge Online offers powerful and efficient SEO strategies. If you have a small business and are aiming to improve the performance of your website, this might be the remarkable opportunity you have been waiting for.

According to statistics, 49 percent of small businesses put their focus on digital investments and computer software updates. Investments on computer software can make a difference already. Digital marketing can make a huge impact for the growth of your company.

Businesses today need to harness and obtain tools that would make your digital marketing strategy well-developed and more efficient. Whether you are interested to invest on AI or other customized tools, just stay focused on your chosen marketing modernization. Stay firm on things that matters most in your field of industry.

If you are feeling left behind or planning to implement the next big marketing trend, the fact remains the same: Businesses continue to grow, they won't stop developing and improving their capabilities for marketing.

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