To the best friend that I didn't meet until college, what a year its been. Everyone says you meet your best friends in college, but I thought I had already met all my best friends back in high school. Even now, I never thought I would find someone who I clicked with so fast. It's crazy how you can go your whole life without knowing someone and not even know you need them. Then meeting them and discovering you now have something you never really knew you needed is a crazy thing. And for me, that was you.

Fall semester wasn't an easy one at all. It was our first real full semester of school and everything got really really really fast out of nowhere. Throughout the chaos of just joining a sorority and getting through the antics of syllabus week, I found the person who would be my rock through it all. Having someone with me every step of the way made being away from home a hell of a lot easier. I felt like I had another sister to fill the void of my own.

I feel beyond lucky to have met someone who I know I will make countless memories with over these next three years at university. If there's anything I've learned so far, it's that college can be tough. Being away from your family and trying to figure out who you are is even harder. But having a best friend like you makes this all a lot less scary. Our sorority brought us together, but I have a feeling we were meant to be friends all along. Next year, we will be living in the house together practically inseparable even though we basically are now. There's no one I'd rather share that small box of a room with.

From going out together to our lazy nights, we always have the best time. I am beyond glad I found my go-to girl for food, clothes, and whatever else I may need in a moment. She knows my entire life story and has seen me at my worst. Watching the same TV series and listening to the same music are things that feel so small, but they are also things that I will never forget.

My advice to anyone about to start college: realize that you have not met all of your people! There are so many amazing individuals out there waiting to meet you. I never would've thought that by coming to UCF I would find my soul sister. Talk to everyone you can and see who you make connections with that are worthwhile. It's all those relationships that you form right off the bat that you will end up having them for a lifetime.

To my crazy, cheese fries loving, dog obsessed BFF, thanks for being you. I couldn't get through it all without you by my side.