I Didn’t Get Flowers Today

Valentine’s Day may be in the past now, but the memories from the day last. For some people, it was a great day spent with a person you really care about. For others, though, it may have been a day of disappointment. This poem is for all the girls, like me, who don’t have memories of flowers and a date.

I didn’t get flowers today

No dinner, no movie

No card.

No fanfare, no text

No token of love

From a guy.

But my day was too busy to sit and wonder why.

Why it hasn’t happened yet

That I haven’t found “the one.”

But now the day is through

And this thought comes to mind:

What did he do today-

My eventual guy?

Did he celebrate this day of love

With a girl?

Does he think she’s “the one?”

Does he think his search is through?

That there’s nothing left to do

But ride into the sunset

With this girl by his side?

Maybe no idea I exist-

How strange if he’d be reading this!

What events will take place

For me to take her place?

Or what if he’s spent today


Without a girl.

No cards

No flowers sent.

Wondering this very same thing-

What his eventual girl is doing

How she spent her day.

Isn’t life crazy-

How we can only see so far ahead.

Like driving through fog

Feeling our way along the bend.


Or so I’ve been told

The fog clears

And you see

You both see

What was waiting

Behind that fog.

I didn’t get flowers today

But I’m one February 14th closer

He’s one February 14th closer

To the clearing in the fog.

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