So much has gone on in the past year which sometimes makes me struggle with the future of this world. From the increased racism to murders, to people saying one thing and then doing something else, the plight of our nation seems to be in this constant downward spiral of turmoil. Seeing as how we are now in the 21st century, you would think that we as people would actually be inclined to push forward for progress instead of pulling back to what was before. That’s not to say that we haven’t progressed in many areas, but it does seem like our nation has stepped back from making everything relevant and knowledgeable in this day and age.

Now, I know that I am just one of many that are not happy with the way our national leaders has decided on their choices. As much as I have to support their decisions, seeing as how they are our leaders now, I do believe that there could have been better choices and insights to the way they have been handling things and with the choices of some of our laws and rights that are being threatened constantly. Their choices are not only affecting this country, but they are also affecting the world itself. And sure, we have made some alliances to help try and make this nation better, but we have also made some mistakes in the long run as well. These mistakes, both great and small, seem to some, not as big a deal. But the issue is, we keep making the same mistakes over and over again instead of learning from them and preventing ways to not make these mistakes again. It’s like we are stuck in this never ending cycle of trying to find a different result by placating to the same mistake that landed us into trouble in the first place. It’s almost as if more and more people do not care as much to stop the mistakes and move forward. However, I do believe that there are people out there that are trying to make this world a better place and are trying to help people during this time of devastation.

Hurricane Harvey, the terrorist attacks, the protests and riots; these are only a few of the disasters that have left our nation in constant mourning. Yet, this is the time when people come together to help the ones who need it the most. I wish that our nation was like this all of the time instead of when a catastrophe happens. Why is it that we only show support and courageousness when something so devastating happens? Why can’t people learn to put aside their differences and work together as human beings in an everyday setting? If we plan on surviving as a nation, then we need to come together during every detail, during every situation, and settle our differences and work on compromises. We can’t go back to the same mistakes we made 40 and 60 years ago; in order to survive, we have to work together to succeed in this word. We need not to let devastation be the only reason that we come together as one unit.