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New to Netflix this past month is the six-episode series Derry Girls. The show follows around a group of teenagers growing up in Northern Ireland in the mid-'90s, during the Civil War in Ireland. The show is already a hit in Ireland, having aired on TV throughout 2018. Now that it has made it's way to Netflix, it is making a similar splash. And rightfully so. The comical show is very entertaining, and a quick watch. The first season only has six episodes, making it the perfect show to watch over break (however, you'll probably be left wanting more). It's rather lighthearted and funny, making it an easy watch, while also having a foreign twist. Because it is an Irish show, having some historical background of Ireland, or even processing an Irish heritage, will allow for the show to make more sense and be more enjoyable.

Each episode features a different dilemma the almost all female group faces, each issues connecting back to their culture or Catholic high school. However, many of the struggles the teens face are one's teenagers all around the world also struggle with, just with a different backdrop and context than most American teenagers may be accustomed to seeing. But this is arguably part of the show's charm. The differences from the life of American teenagers today is what helps make the show entertaining and a unique watch. It's because of these differences that Derry Girls is a show that American viewers should go into open-minded. However, after the first episode or two, these cultural differences will add to part of the charm of the show, rather than something difficult to understand/comprehend.

There is already buzz of a season two currently being in the works, which we can only hope makes it to Netflix as well.

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