Demi Lovato overdosed on heroin last week. This was a relapse, soon after she said that she was clean and happy. It seems like Demi keeps making the same mistakes but her fans keep making excuses for her. If this was your friend- if they were struggling with drugs and you kept helping them to get clean, but they kept relapsing, would you continue to support them and make excuses for them? No. You would get sick and tired of it. It would drain you. You would let them go.

What amazes me is that some people I know that are supporting her are die-hard Christians, and wouldn't be caught dead with someone who even smoked pot. It's just very contradicting and hypocritical.

I feel for Demi, I do. I know that she has bipolar depression and that she has been struggling with this for years. I have major depression mood disorder and anxiety. But to use this as an excuse to use heroin is illogical. Heroin is very harmful to you and only makes the depression worse. Couldn't she just smoke pot? Pot is medically legal in a lot of states and has shown to prove beneficial effects for depression.

Now for Demi's friends- are you really her friends? Are you really her friends if you're giving her heroine or letting her inject heroin? Why are you not stopping her? If you really cared about her, you wouldn't let her put such a harmful chemical into her body. And if you're giving drugs to her, you probably need some help too.

Demi needs wholesome, genuine friends that truly care about her. Demi needs more friends that don't abuse drugs and that will not let her abuse drugs. Demi needs friends who are strong and who will stick by her through her treatment and recovery. We don't need another deceased celebrity due to something senseless.