Delta Zeta National Philanthropy
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Delta Zeta National Philanthropy


When most people think of sororities or hear the name, they assume the typical stereotype of rich snobby girls who party all the time and don’t care about anyone else, but themselves That isn’t the case when it comes to sororities and what a big part of being a sorority is, is the National Philanthropy.

This week at San Diego State University and all over across the United States was Delta Zeta’s National Philanthropy The Painted Turtle Camp.

An excerpt from the Delta Zeta Creed says, “To those whom my life may touch in slight measure, May I give graciously, Of what is mine.” Delta Zeta’s across the nation make it apart of their goal to take part in philanthropic efforts.

The Painted Turtle Camp is to help those who are speech and hearing impaired. It provides a year round service that helps change lives and provides a camp experience for children who face a chronic and life-threatening illness.  

The sorority is paired with Gallaudet University, which is the only university in the United States who have undergraduate programs available for the hearing-impaired. Money raised for Gallaudet University are used to fund scholarships or other needs for the school. They are also paired with the Starkey Hearing Foundation whose mission is to change the social consciousness of hearing and hearing matters through the help of education and research. Members of Delta Zeta help by providing bears with hearing aid attachments from Build-A-Bear so the children always have that furry friend close by just for them.

The entire week from April 6th until April 13th was Delta Zeta’s National philanthropy week and each chapter does something different to raise money along with awareness for the topic. 

The past week is also known as “Learn to Listen” week and at the San Diego Chapter of Delta Zeta the sisters spent raising awareness all over campus and ended Friday with the “Turtle Bowl” which was a competition where different teams competed in capture the turtle, tug-o-war, and blindfolded dodgeball. Each team had to register and pay an amount of $35 that went to the money raised for the philanthropy project.

The Delta Zeta’s spent the week tabling on campus spreading awareness about hearing and speech facts and how to stay healthy. By doing this they hope to prevent noise induced hearing loss and educate everyone on the problems that can happen. They also had a fundraiser on April 10th called “Nacho Night” where they sold nachos from 9pm-1am and all of the money raised when to the philanthropy funds. 

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