There are things in life that you don't think about a lot before a certain age. Such as jobs you may work before you reach your dream job.

Most of us have all experienced the delivery of food by a delivery driver. I'm sure that most of us definitely did not think "Oh! I want that as my starter job!" I know I didn't. But now, I couldn't wish for a better job.

I deliver pizzas for Pizza Hut, and my manager really makes it an amazing place to work. He's very caring and upbeat! The other employees are also great, most really cheerful. Of course, sadly, since it's an in-between job or a starter job for some people, a lot of people are there for a little while before they leave. That really sucks, because you make friends, but they end up leaving and the workplace seems a little different from before. That's like the only bad thing that I can think of when having a job like this.

But there is plenty of good things!

Like the fact that you get to know the town you're working in really well. I've lived in Hastings all my life, but I have never really known my town, the streets, the traffic patterns, etc., until I became a delivery driver. It's so crazy how it can change! And it does change with every season, depending on the sport, weather, and what time it is. You begin to learn what streets would be faster to take during certain times, or during certain types of weather conditions. You get to just learn your town, or the place you're living in, really well. It's like knowing someone that you've talked to maybe a couple times, maybe have hung out a couple times, but then you start talking everyday, seeing each other every other day if not everyday, and you learn so much more about them.

(Side note: if you're a college student and need a good job while also getting to know the town you're in, being a delivery driver is the best way for you to go. I really encourage you to try it, if possible, because it really does open up the town more for you.)

The next thing that I really love, is the fact that I get to meet and see a lot of cats and dogs. There are a few places you will end up delivering to probably at least once a month. You get to a point where you know the animals name, or know exactly where you're going because you remember the place from being there so many times. And it's exciting! Because the animals are so cute! My favorite thing about dogs is how some of them will excitedly sniff the air when they smell the pizza and they either start drooling or look at their owner like "am I getting some of that?" It's funny and great!

You also get to know a lot of people. Is everyone nice? I wish! But that can happen anywhere, anytime. You do get to meet a lot of really nice people, and even get to deliver pizza to people you know! Past teachers from elementary and middle school, current professors, family and friends, and it's just really fun to do so!

So, all in all, being a delivery driver is really fun. Yeah, it's a little hard on the car, but if you make sure to take great care of said vehicle, than everything turns out fine. Make sure to get oil changes on a regular basis, check those fluids, the air in your tires, so on, and you'll be zooming around like it's nothing in no time!