Instagram is a thriving social media platform for people to post pictures and share them with the world. Many people have their real Instagram accounts which are called "rinstas." For some Instagram users, having one account does not seem to be getting them enough attention, so they create a second account.

This account is called a "finsta", which is a fake Instagram. The difference between the two types of accounts is simple. People post unattractive, embarrassing, silly, or random photos on their finsta. Any normal, pleasing-to-look-at photos that people are proud to share get posted on their rinsta.

Why do people have finstas?

Most people use it as a way to complain, rant, or gossip about something or someone. It is directed towards a smaller audience than a rinsta. These people tend to limit the number of followers for their fake account. This is because, on a person's rinsta, they might allow anyone to follow them, including people they do not like and complete strangers.

On their finsta, they only want a select group to be allowed to view the content they are posting. Some users will only allow other finsta accounts to follow them.

There are only two reasons why a person would create a finsta.

The first reason is that they want more attention. Anyone with a social media account posts pictures or says things for attention. Everyone wants it, but having a finsta shows that someone is desperate for attention. With a second account, they can post a picture every day and either complain or brag about something.

If they had an awful day at school, they will tell their followers every single detail about it. If they had a good day because they met a really cute boy, they will make sure to reveal every thought and feeling they have at that very moment.

The second reason is that they do not know how to properly deal with their emotions. It is not healthy if you need others to validate your emotions. Just because you failed a test and you had a bad day at work, it does not mean you should go post a picture of yourself crying your eyes out with a long caption to go with it.

Don't share that information with the world. Talk to someone in your life that you know actually cares about you, but do not go posting it on social media just because you want others to feel bad for you.

These accounts make people think they can talk about anyone they want and not face any consequences about it. When I was in high school, there was a boy who was posting on his finsta and saying awful things about one of our teachers. Someone who followed his account saw that post and ratted him out to the teacher.

When the teacher confronted the student, he was so embarrassed. After that, I'm sure the boy went home and probably posted on his finsta about how mad he was that day.

When someone does not allow you to follow their finsta account, what is that saying?

It could mean that they are talking about you in their posts and do not want you to see what they have been saying. I had a friend ask me to follow her ex-best friend's finsta account. She asked me to do this because she was blocked from viewing that account. My friend wanted to find out if she was saying bad things about her because they had a big fight that week.

Just the idea that this is what people are worried about these days is scary to think about. We are concerned about people posting about us just because we had an argument with them. Not everything needs to be shared with the world, especially our personal lives.

Stop posting on your finsta account because no one actually cares.

The truth is that most people will only follow your finsta, just for entertainment purposes. They might just want to find out about drama in your life to make themselves feel better about their own lives. Maybe they just want to make fun of you since you are posting pictures that you don't want everyone to see and saying things that you don't want everyone to know about.

These people do not actually care about your life or your problems.

While you might not allow everyone to follow your finsta, by just having a fake account, you are letting the entire world know something about yourself. You are telling the world that you are a fake person.

If you have to create a second account to show your true self to people, doesn't that mean you are hiding who you truly are from everyone else?

Stop being fake, delete your finsta, and keep your feelings and thoughts private, not public.