This Is The Most Misused Bible Verse On Twitter
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Dear Twitter Christians, Stop Twisting The Bible To Make Your Tweets Look Cute

Know your Bible verses before you tweet, OK?

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I have a serious bone to pick with Twitter. If you search Twitter for "Love never fails, and if it failed, it wasn't love," you will pull up hundreds if not thousands of the same tweet. First of all, this tweet is not biblical as Christians are claiming it to be! This tweet is referring to 1 Corinthians 13:8, "love never fails." I believe this is referring to God's love, not human love. We are flawed. We are sinful. We are not capable of loving with an unfailing love. This tweet isn't biblical because we can't possibly love like God. Our love WILL fail without His help.

When I was younger and would read this tweet, it terrified me. What if I fell in love with someone for it to not be considered love? Am I really only going to love one person? What if I love the wrong guy? As I did more reading of my Bible, I realized that I should love and love often. I don't need to save my love for one person. Sure, I need to guard my heart, but I also need to live like Jesus and love to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, since we aren't perfect, our love won't be either. You will fail the people you love. The love of your life will fail you at some point. We are human. We make mistakes. This is why we NEED God! If you keep Him at the center of your relationship, it won't fail.

I have loved many people in my 18 years, and just because my friendships or relationships didn't work out with them doesn't mean I didn't love them. By tweeting "it wasn't love," that completely discredits people's feelings, especially those who had a hard break-up. If you love/loved someone, your feelings are valid. Don't let a dumb tweet that isn't even right make you feel bad about yourself.

Anyways, back to the tweet. Second of all, twisting the Bible to make a "cute" tweet is not cool. Stop trying to be trendy for the sake of retweets and spreading false information about the Bible. Before you cherry-pick a verse and try to make it "cool," make sure you study the chapter around it! If you read all of 1 Corinthians 13, you will see that love is described. I believe Paul is referring to the love of God, not human love, but then again I could be wrong. By changing the meaning of this passage, you confuse new believers/people who don't believe in God.

Moral of the story, please stop tweeting "Love never fails, and if it failed, it wasn't love"


A girl who loves a ton of people but just had bad luck

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