Dear True Crime Community
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Dear True Crime Community

Stop Romanticizing Serial Killers

Dear True Crime Community

Dear True Crime Community,

I am completely okay with those of you whose obsession with serial killers and mass murderers is there solely out of curiosity. I completely get it. As a Political Science and Criminal Justice major, I truly understand wanting to know the motives and psychology behind those want to kill people. I understand you, I get you, and for the most part, I am one of you.

However today I would like to talk to those in the True Crime Community who make fancy flower crown edits of Dylan Klebold, and Eric Harris, the two shooters of Columbine High School, the people that write stories about what it would be like to date Serial Killer/Rapist Richard Ramirez, and the people that create fancy styled texted of quotes from Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. I would like to talk to the people that romanticize mass murderers.

You are not being “cool” or “edgy” by loving and obsessing over these terrible people.

No one thinks you’re a badass because you think you could reach out to them and prevent them from committing their heinous acts.

You’re being insensitive and downright disturbing.

These people you glorify MURDERED innocent people. They stripped families from their loved ones just because they couldn’t be an actual human being and control their impulses. There isn’t a single thing about them that should be glorified.

Yes, they may have been bullied during school. So what? Thousands of kids are being bullied everyday that don’t kill their classmates. They report it, stand up for themselves, or find some other way to deal with it. Should the bullies have bullied them? No. Of course not. But should the victims come to school and murder innocent classmates? Hell no.

Yes, they may have been molested as a child. But normal people that have gone through that either go to therapy or find some other sort of way to deal with the abuse they faced. Should child molesters be allowed to live in our society? No. Child molesters are the the most disgusting human beings you can come across. But does that then make it okay for someone who was molested as a child rape and murder children, the elder, and random people that are asleep in their house at night? No, because that kind of violent behavior should never be okay.

There isn’t a single argument you could make for sociopath to be justified in their actions, or make me sympathize with them. A sociopath does not deserve sympathy. A sociopath does not deserve to be glorified. A sociopath does not deserve any kind of goodwill.

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 13 people, then themselves. There was not 15 victims at Columbine High School 18 years ago. There was 13 victims and 2 murderers. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were two sociopaths that were bullied in high school and religiously followed the teachings of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. They planned their attack for nearly a year, documenting their progression, and referring to April 20th, 1999 as ‘Judgement Day’, the day where they hoped to kill hundreds of classmates.

If you romanticize these monsters, you’re dismissing the death of their victims and telling their loved ones that these murderers were justified in taking the lives of the people they loved. To not care about their victims and to paint these sociopaths as beautiful people, is disgusting.
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