Dear shoobies,

Oh, how I love to hate you. You clog our streets with your bad driving, and you stink up our beautiful beaches. You make us want to bang our heads in the wall while your heads are up your asses.

I understand you are on vacation. I get that it's the summer season, and you're just here to have fun. Little do you know that you're annoying, needy, bratty, and sometimes spoiled. You are blind to the fact that there are locals who live here, like me.

You don't care about the locals. You all have that "it's our world, you just live in it" kind of mindset, which blows my mind. Really, it's our world, and you live in it. Unfortunate.

As a local, I have always been proud of my home. I am so grateful and lucky to live in a beautiful place 10 minutes away from the Atlantic. I get all the perks, and I don't need to travel too far to get to my favorite spot: the beach.

The beach is what catches your eyes. A vacation spot, perfect for your stuck-up little families!

I have lived through over 20 summers, and I have seen it all. Cigarette smoking on the beach and leaving butts behind. Throwing food at the seagulls and drawing a giant frenzy, when you SHOULDN'T be. Tossing trash from your cars all over my yard, which is extremely rude. Nasty attitudes.

"I'm on vacation, so I can do whatever I want." Nope.

I work where you all go out to start your day, and I appreciate it when I can catch a break with a few of you who are really nice and polite. But I can't stand dealing with the impatient losers who can't freaking wait to get their freaking homefries a second longer.

Yes, there is a lot that I have dealt with. But I want to send out a giant message that everyone is almost afraid of saying to you. Please be nice to me, and please be nice to my home.

I live where you vacation, so be smart. Just because you're a guest, it does not mean we clean up after you. Just because you're on vacation time, it does not mean you have to give me an attitude about it.

Please get your head out of the clouds (or your ass), and be considerate. I'm sure you'd want me to do the same thing if I just so happened to decide to vacation where you live.

So, shoobies, this message can go a long way, and it's sort of a wake-up call. Be courteous.