Dear former BFF,

I miss you.

I'm not sure if you know that or not, but it is true.

I miss our late night talks that we used to have in your bedroom or in the basement about boys and our crushes.

Going to taco bell, hitting up value village, and then getting all kinds of bad food and sneaking them into your house.

You and your sister got me through some of the toughest bits of my life, and I'm sad that all that stopped.

I have my ideas of why this happened, but I don't feel that it is far that our friendship went away because of something that happened on Facebook over a miscommunication with an adult. Maybe it had to do with different views on life, which I feel people should be able to get over, because friendship isn't about politics — it's about people who you feel comfortable around, no matter what the situation. Plus people grow in and out of things, including politics.

I have so many memories with you and looking back on them it gives me this happy sad feeling because I don't have my friend with me anymore.

I don't blame you for this. I don't even have an issue with you at all — it's just that me and someone else in your life have this event that happened between us which caused this rift in our friendship.

I wish this never would have happened.

I just think about all the things that was missed between us... how having you at my side during some of the not best moments in life would have been wonderful.

I think about all the things we wanted to do in life together and now I feel they might not happen at all..

I hope that sometime we can hang out again and chill like we used to, before all this happened.

I just want you to know that I miss you, and I hope that you are doing well in life.


The girl who misses you