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Dear Future Me

A message from teenage you

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Dear future me,

I don't really know where you are going to be when you read this, but I do know that you will have at least graduated high school.

Maybe you're in college or maybe you have even graduated from that too.

Or maybe you aren't even in college, and that's okay too.

How are you now?

Do you still struggle with crippling anxiety and depression?

My hope is by the time you are reading this, you are at peace with yourself.

How is everything going with friends? Do we still talk to Brooke? Is she still our best friend?

Do we have a boyfriend right now? If so, what is he like? Is he treating us right? Because you deserve to be treated like a queen.

All of the feelings that we are experiencing in high school kinda suck.

There is so much negativity surrounding us right now and,

I really hope that by the time we read this again, that is not a problem in our lives.

Are we taking care of ourselves right now?

Are we eating and sleeping proper amounts?

Are we doing our work, and keeping ourselves and our space clean?

Are we going outside and getting fresh air?

How are things going with the family?

Do we still have Chloe? Does she still hate people?

How is mom? Have you called her recently?

Have you texted her and said "mew too"? You know that she loves that.

Give her a big hug for 18 year old us next time that you see her.

How's Josh? Where is he at right now?

I know right now he is thinking of moving to California.

Do we still talk to dad anymore? Or did we give up on that?

Now on to the most important question.

How is our relationship with God? Do we still talk to Him every day?

If not, go find one of our bibles and get back to it.

It is never too late to have a relationship with the Lord. God loves us so so much.

So, no matter where we might be when we are reading this again, just know that we are a pretty great girl.

I don't exactly know where we are right now, but I know that wherever it is, we are doing a fantastic job.

Much love,

Kayla from 2018.

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