Dear Disney Channel,

When I was growing up, you were the pinnacle of childhood entertainment. I remember the week after "High School Musical" premiered, everyone talked about it and watched it when it was on. The TV shows and movies you released and played every week were not only the highlight of our weeks, but for many of us, they have become a symbol of our childhood. Throwbacks to a time where the ice cream truck came around before a new DCOM came on, or when we begged to watch just one more episode (even though we already saw it). A time where mass shootings were not an everyday thing and politics were just things our parents worried about. A childhood that many of us wish we could go back to. Children today are growing up in a far different world than those of us from the 1990s, but they need to learn the same lessons. The TV shows and movies you showed used to focus on friendships, family, bullying, body image, dealing with boys and girls and so much more. However, in recent years, you have shifted away from the meaningful TV shows and movies that we had growing up to things with less substance like "A Dog With A Blog." Is that is really the best that you can do after shows like "Lizzie McGuire," "Proud Family," "Even Stevens," "Kim Possible" and "That's So Raven"? I find it hard to believe that a billion dollar empire thinks that is the best idea they had.

You are an empire, and your ratings probably are doing just fine because you are still the go to channel for children and pre-teens. You know what else is great besides ratings? Helping to develop children into people who accept new friends, do not bully and don't worry about their weight. You have the power to help children, and society in return, by teaching them that plus size models can walk down the runway or that diversity is a positive. Ever since "Hannah Montana" and "Wizards of Waverly Place," you have failed in my opinion. What happened to movies like "Xenon" and "Brink" or "Eddie's Million Dollar Cook Off," where it's OK to do things that are not always popular?

We have been asking for a throwback channel for years; a marathon was great, but you can do more. Be a positive influence rather than a mediocre channel. When I think back on all the things that have changed since I was a kid, it goes clothes, music and Disney Channel. Start making some good TV shows and movies again. No more teen beach movies, no more dogs on computers. Use your power to teach the kids of today the same lessons we learned from your channel. All I ask is that you do better, for all of us.


A child of the 1990s.