Dear All Non-Voters

Dear All Non-Voters,

This article is dedicated to you, the ones who won't register to vote, the ones who ignore the political interest calls attempting to educate you on the candidates, the ones who watch election day come and wave at it as it passes by, This article is a shout out to you.

What are you doing? It takes more time to avoid the political process then it does to actual engage in it. If standing in line is not your jam and trust me, it is more then okay if it isn't, then show up to early voting bring a camping chair so you can sit down instead up being up on your feet.

If you are young, and haven't registered, that is okay. What is not okay, is not accepting the responsibility you have to go register. The ONE form that is stopping you from voting is actually pretty simple to fill out. A short ten minutes out of your day could mean that you could vote in elections.

The people who you vote for, those are the ones that will represent your interests on the state, local, and national level. These politicians are not simply figure heads that you will only see on the news. No, they will speak for you, enact legislation for you, and be your voice on capital hill, in the state legislature, and in your hometowns as members of the school board. Sure, sometimes it only seems like only election that is publicized is presidential BUT, there are so many more elected officials then the one who lives in the White House.

If you are worried that you aren't educated enough on the candidates, go to Google. There is no better place to find information then the Internet ! Blogs, websites, and forums can all be great places to learn about what a candidate stands for and learn about the changes they hope to make if elected.

If you want to know more about registering to vote, siding with a political party, or getting information on early voting- contact your local board of elections. Individuals working there will be more then happy to help you with any questions you have.

This article is not written to shame non-voters, it is meant to be an eye opener to those who take the political process lightly. It is our job as citizens to make sure we elect the best leadership possible across the local, state, and national level. Keep in mind that some elections in the United States have been decided by only a few votes and others only one vote. Think about that, one vote made the difference. One voice in the crowd decided who would be the best to lead. Will that be your voice or will you choose to not let yours be heard at all

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