Finals week is just around the corner, which means that most students stress is at an all-time high. It is more important than ever to properly deal with your stress to be able to do well on your exams. Whether you are stressed about finishing up assignments or about studying for your hardest class, stress will pop up left and right. As a college student, I have had my fair share of stress, so here are my tips and tricks to dealing with them.

Nap Any Chance You Get...


During finals week you are going to be tired for the entire time, so you might as well sleep. Take some time off from studying or working and just go and take a nice nap and rest your brain. It can be in your bed, on your couch, in the library, honestly just go wherever is closest to you. Trust me, after your nap, you will most likely feel rejuvenated and if you don't, just go take another nap.

Cry Every Day...Or Twice A Day


The worst part about stress is the way that it builds up inside you. During finals week try to avoid that by having a nice cry at least once a day. The catharsis of crying will give you a chance to let out all your stress about your future. You most likely will be able to cry simply by thinking about your future, but if you can't, I highly encourage watching soldier homecoming videos or sad Greys episodes. Regardless of what you need to do, a nice cry will leave you less stressed and ready to study.

Eat Your Feelings Away


Finals week is that time during the year when the phrase "the quickest way to someone's heart is through their stomach" really rings true. Nothing brings some warmth to your soul like gorging yourself with food. The top picks for food choices definitely include Chipotle, Cava, and Panera. Having an empty stomach makes studying worse, so fill yourself up with food so that you can focus on the content in front of you.

Avoid Thinking About Your Work...Maybe Even Doing It


Your stress will be at its worst when you are thinking and working about all your assignments and exams. One quick fix to this problem is to not focus on all the things you have to do. Watching Netflix of doing quizzes on Buzzfeed are common solves for this issue. Being able to focus on something that doesn't bring you immense pain will allow you to cool off before you have to work again.

Spend Money On Things You Do Not Need


Nothing helps you destress like spending your limited amount of money. Do some online shopping, eat out every day, and uber everywhere. It is a stressful time of the year, so don't try and focus on managing your money as well. Take this week as a moment when you can treat yourself a little and not worry about finances.

As I stated before, these methods most likely are not the best or healthiest ways of dealing with stress, but hey they work don't sue me. At the end of the day, finals week is only one week long so it is not like any of these habits will have that much of a long-term effect on your life. To those unlucky enough to be reading this who are college students, hang in there and remember that it is almost winter break. Best of luck <3