1. Cascade Falls

You'll have to hike through the Blue Ridge Parkway Cascades trail to discover this beautiful waterfall. To find it, you'll pass vibrant dogwoods, mountain laurels, chestnut oak trees, and tulip trees along the way. The hike is a perfect length, around one mile, to bring along a small picnic and enjoy the breeze once you reach the falls. If you're feeling extra daring, venture out to Jesse Brown's late-nineteenth-century cabin tucked behind a small dirt path in the woods. You won't regret it.

2. Looking Glass Falls

Looking Glass Falls is known as one of the most beautiful and popular waterfalls in North Carolina. The Falls are about a half mile hike from the road, located in the Pisgah National Forest. Highlighted by colorful wildflowers, rocks blanketed in moss, and an exceptionally stunning view of the raging falls from the roadside viewing platform. To get a closer look, descend the stairs and enter the area that is available for swimming! The crystal-clear pool and unique rock surrounding the falls are an attraction that captivates natives and travelers year round.

3. Linville Falls

Linville Falls are easily some of the most photographed waterfalls in North Carolina, mostly due to the easy access. The parkway allows hikers to pick from five different viewpoints depending on the length of the hike you'd like to take located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. More impressively, visitors have the opportunity to view the falls from an up-close vantage point, where they can see the raging currents of the gorge. The three-tiered waterfall has been referred to as the "Grand Canyon of the Southern Appalachians" by locals and is well-worth the half-mile hike!

4. Moore Cove Falls

This beautiful, 50 ft free-falling waterfall is a modest one-mile hike away from Looking Glass Falls in the Pisgah National Forest. You'll pass through gorgeous moss-covered rocks and magical, lush forestry to find yourself under the hypnotic trickle of this magical spot. Set in a secluded area, these falls are one of the most underrated falls and often are considered a quiet retreat away from tourists. You'll cross a bridge over Looking Glass Creek and witness succulent wildlife on your journey to Moore Cove.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are dotted with hidden gem waterfalls to discover along the way. Considering each one of these falls is less than a mile hike, you could even make a spontaneous weekend out of waterfall chasing. TLC can eat their hearts out!