The weather is always unpredictable in Syracuse. One day it will be sunny and beautiful, and the next day it will be snowy and frigid. When blizzards hit, we all are miserably trudging through life.

1. Class canceled?

You wake up and look out the window to see nothing but white. You rush to look at your email and no, class is not canceled. Your professor has decided to drive through a hazardous blizzard just to have a 55-minute class. How rude.

2. Snow plows everywhere

You somehow got out of your cozy bed to trudge through the snow to class. Then out of nowhere, you are minding your own business when a snow plow comes at you from behind.


You are struggling to make your way through the inches of slush when you eventually hit a layer of black ice. You may even trip, but then you snap back up before anyone else sees. But let's be real, someone saw.

4. "I can't see!"

The wind, snow, and ice are all too much to handle. You forgot your hat, so now your face and ears are vulnerable to the icy hands of Syracuse's weather. It's a miserable walk to class.

5. The sweat

You finally make it to class and sit down. Little do you know, you have so many layers on that you start to sweat profusely. This is definitely not a cute look.

6. Classes are over!

You have completed your final class of the day. You are so happy that your walk back home seems faster than before.

7. Back to bed

You have fulfilled your duties as a student. You did it. Now you can reward yourself to getting in bed. See you tomorrow.