9 Of Hockney's Works That Jumped Out During Finals
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9 Of Hockney's Works That Jumped Out During Finals

Paintings, drawings, digital works.

9 Of Hockney's Works That Jumped Out During Finals

Background information: I had a final about an artist of my choosing and obviously, I chose David Hockney. Why? Who is David Hockney? Well because his paintings are amazing and he is incredible. First of all, the guy is in his 80s still making art work, amazing. He also made controversial artwork in the 1960s, depicting homosexuality before it was decriminalized in Britain. Plus, he helped pioneer the British Pop Art Movement. Finally, his variety of work is astonishing, he worked with paints, crayons, paper pulp, a BMW car, and now digital works via iPhone and iPad applications.

1. "Running Construction" , 1991.

This one is more abstract and honestly, reminds me of all the million thoughts I have during finals week trickling down, getting mixed together, and just continuously running.

2. "Boodgie", 1993

How could this drawing not captivate your heart? I know most of us college students just want to look at cute animals and pet them to relieve stress, look at Boodgie. Simply perfection, a 10/10 model, the rolls, the little paws, ugh.

3. "Kirby (after Hogarth), Useful Knowledge", 1975

I don't know what is happening here, everyone is fishing? The man on the mountains is smoking from someone else's candle? I dont even care what is happening, it looks very relaxing on that water. I like the play on perception and overall, it reminds me of serenity for whatever reason.

4. "Tiyfjord Nordkapp II", 2002

Again, look at the relaxation. I want to eat breakfast and watch the sunrise with my loved ones here.

5."Mulholland Drive The Road to the Studio", 1980

I love the colors and textures of this painting. The road in the back looks like how I imagine finals week and then the scenery with the bright colors and crazy textures remind me of how finals week actually is: familiar but still confusing and a little overwhelming to get through

6. "Dog Painting 17", 1995

Oh my lordy, I want to see all 16 before this one. Is the dog's name Boodgie? Is this the same precious angel we saw in the drawing? I just want to lay on the dog bed and cuddle him. The ears look so floppy and I just want to embody the amount of chill this lil weenie dog has.

7. "Red Pots in the Garden", 2002

If this was an entire room painted like this Im pretty sure the different patterns would be sensory overload for me but honestly would I love it still? Yeah, look at the fun of this painting. The blue contrasting the reds and pinks are beautiful and I just enjoy this.

8. "Garden #3", 2016

Very calming, just imagine sipping a hot cup of tea seeing the sunset there.

9. "A Pond in Autumn", 2020

This one really just sat with me mentally because everything is alive but its autumn and you know everything is about to be dead, much like college campuses during finals. You see the students, you know they are alive but mentally you know everyone is stressed out and dead inside.

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