David Bovino – Aspen Attorney Willing to Fight the Big Guys
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David Bovino – Aspen Attorney Willing to Fight the Big Guys


David Bovino – Aspen Attorney Willing to Fight the Big Guys

Describing an attorney as “high profile” or “high powered” is not an official or formal title. Instead, the media typically uses tags to help “sell” stories.

However, when you see these terms, they are usually connected to attorneys like David Bovino, who are unlike conventional lawyers. They aren’t ordinary and possess characteristics that help them stand out from others.

One such characteristic is the willingness to take on cases other attorneys would turn down, shy away from, or run from completely.

The legal profession is competitive, and attorneys need more than logic and analytical thinking skills to succeed. Innovation and creativity are required to find solutions to complex problems. With each case being unique, there’s no way to implement “cookie cutter” solutions to these legal matters. Hiring an experienced and reputable attorney like David Bovino can benefit from these unique characteristics, even when dealing with cases that seem like “impossible situations” to others in the legal field.

A History That Starts with Experience

David Bovino earned a B.A. in History in 2002 from Trinity College. In 2007, he earned his J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law. Mr. Bovino served as a law clerk during an internship with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Thailand. During this, he received a Certificate of Specialization in International Law.

Between the years of 2013 and 2018, he was recognized as a “Rising Star” in Colorado and has provided legal services in both Colorado and California to date.

This history has provided David Bovino with the ability to provide high-quality legal services for situations that other attorneys may find intimidating or impossible.

Assertive Representation to Achieve Results

David Bovino had proven his ability to take on cases that get a lot of media attention, such as when he represented stockholders in a securities fraud lawsuit related to the sale of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino franchise worth $770 million.

While the case received media attention and scrutiny, Bovino continued providing aggressive representation to his clients to help them achieve a positive outcome based on their claims.

When taking on cases like this, it is necessary to have a definitive position. This ensures that the other counsel cannot intimidate those involved. With the help of proven and experienced attorneys like Bovino, clients can feel confident they have someone who will stand firm and ensure the best possible outcome for the case is achieved.

Why You Should Call David Bovino for Your Legal Needs

David Bovino comes highly recommended by his peers and by former clients.

According to one firm client, “When my former business partner committed serious breaches of partnership, I had to let him go. Unfortunately, I was then served with a civil complaint filed against me and the company, alleging serious wrongdoing and damages. David Bovino and the attorneys at his firm were instrumental in evaluating the claims against me and the company and filing counterclaims against my former partner. It was a stressful time for me and the employees at the company, but David Bovino got us through it, and we prevailed after eight long days of arbitration and two years of litigation. I couldn’t have been happier with the results.”

Another client said, “When my daughter, the beneficiary of a trust, was denied requests for distribution, I reached out to the Law Offices of Bovino & Associates for legal counsel. The attorneys quickly realized that the trustee was breaching fiduciary duties, and they filed an accounting action against the trustee in Los Angeles, CA. After aggressively litigating for several months, they obtained a favorable settlement for my daughter.”

This is just one example of the positive results he has provided for clients through the years.

He has received countless endorsements from peers, which can be seen on LinkedIn and through the various peer reviews that have been done.

Facing legal issues can leave you confused about how to proceed. In these situations, you need more than just an attorney to navigate these waters – you need an advocate who can provide advice and guidance each step of the way. With the help of Mr. Bovino, you can feel confident that you have years of experience and expertise at work for you. In the long run, this will pay off and help ensure you get the best possible outcome for your legal situation.

With legal experience spanning almost two decades, you can count on David Bovino to handle any legal matter you are dealing with. While other attorneys may shy away from big-name clients or high-profile cases, this isn’t the case with Bovino & Associates. If you need legal counsel that isn’t focused on what other people think and is dedicated to helping clients get the results they want, then you are in the right place.

Your Right to Experienced Counsel

When dealing with any legal issue, it can be difficult to see what is right in front of you. However, any good attorney knows that thinking ahead is essential for any legal case to succeed.

Lawyer David Bovino has represented many different cases. He takes a custom approach to each client and each situation. This is necessary to develop a strategy that will provide the highest likelihood of success. Additionally, if a case requires additional help and resources, he has connections with other attorneys who can serve as co-counsel for the case to ensure the client gets the best possible representation for their situation.

If you are dealing with a case that requires an attorney who isn’t afraid to stand up to the “big guy,” contact Bovino & Associates to schedule a consultation.

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