If All You Want For Christmas Is Dating Advice, Look No Further

As I've previously stated, air travel and I are barely on speaking terms. But, during my Thanksgiving travels this year something good actually came out of me embarking on a flight. The free movie selection was superb but this was even better. Get ready folks: I met someone who dated a celebrity and she gave me dating tips. I have much knowledge now.

Who was the celebrity? I'll give you a hint: Taylor Swift dated him. That doesn't narrow it down much though because she is the icon of dating some of the hottest in the celeb sphere.

He's sexy. And he sings a song that rhymes with your lotty whiz huh shmonderland. He's a heartthrob.

Now this girl did not open up the conversation by telling me she had a little fling with this man/God. She was giving me other dating advice and we just really hit it off, I didn't find out about her flirtations with the famous until we were walking to baggage claim.

Her advice did not have much to do with when she dated the above person, but my point in mentioning him is that if she could land him, even for a brief fling, this is highly accredited research I am about to share with you. She deserves a PHD in dating.

The first part of her advice was that you never know when you could meet someone and to not worry about when it will happen. This is super comforting and I'd like to believe that it is true. The actual day after one of her relationships ended the celebrity situation began. That's the kind of luck I'm asking Santa for this Christmas.

Another aspect of her advice was to not look around the bar or wherever you're at like you're looking for dudes. This is a challenge for me because I'm kind of always looking but she said that it can make you look desperate. I was like but I am desperate. But, no one needs to know that so now I will keep my head down and try to look less like that GIF of the flamingos running around with their noses up in the air.

She also said that eye contact from across the room can go a long way. I really agree with this and as a fun challenge see someone you think is cute and smile and make eye contact for a few seconds and then look away-just like she said.

Also, she said that guys can't stand and won't approach the girl who is trying to act cool and never smile. Be smiley and make conversation (while striking a balance of that and not seeming desperate). Instead of looking around for guys be the girl who is dancing with her friends and having fun and your fun energy will attract the guys! we

She was super cool and mostly had a very chill attitude towards it all, encouraging me to focus on my dreams and the rest would fall into place. Advice like this is something to be thankful for.

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