What Is Ghosting?
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2020 Dating Problems: Ghosting

If you haven't been there, we're happy for you.

2020 Dating Problems: Ghosting

Why Do People Ghost?

There are endless reasons why someone might do something like this. It could be as simple as they didn't feel a connection and were to afraid to hurt your feelings or as complicated as they weren't really single after all — or even their ex decided to want them back and they didn't think they "owed it to you" to let you know.

What Is Considered Ghosting?

Based on the Merriam-Webster definition above, ghosting is exactly what it sounds like: disappearing out of someone's life like you never existed. This is most often used in romantic relationships, but unfortunately, friends can ghost one another as well. If you find yourself completely shutting someone out of your life without a warning, you're ghosting. Similarly, if you find someone you're talking to is icing you out, chances are you're getting ghosted.

How Do You Respond To Ghosting?

Typically if you're on the receiving end of being ghosted, you're not loving it. Unless it was a mutual ghosting in which you both just kind of fizzled out of each other's lives (I've been there). The best thing to do is remind yourself it was nothing you did and there was nothing you could have done to change it. In fact, it might be a blessing because if the person doesn't feel you deserve a goodbye, chances are they weren't right for you anyway.

Read these articles from creators to see the different ways they're dealing with "ghosting" in their dating lives:

6 Reasons Ghosting Leaves A Person Dead Inside​​​​

By Reanna Keller

Reanna breaks down all the reasons ghosting kind of kills... and can actually hurt even more than a normal breakup.

Trying To Date In Your 20s Without Being Ghosted Or Screwed Over Is Nearly Impossible​​​

By Haley Mortensen

Dating in your 20s is hard enough as is, let's be real. Add in dating problems like ghosting and you name it and it's even HARDER. Haley gets real about what it's like from her point of view.

If You've Ever Ghosted Someone, Just Know A Simple Goodbye Would Have Been Cool, Too

By Jade Barde

It might seem hard to tell someone to their face that you're just not into them, but Jade shares why a simple goodbye would really go a long way.

13 Relationship Deal Breakers That Just Might Justify Ghosting Them

By Emma Laughlin

Sometimes there are serious red flags you're picking up on in a relationship and, according to Emma, they might actually be clear signs you should ghost the person you're seeing.

To The Guy Who Ghosted Me, You Broke Me Into Nothing By Saying Nothing, But Now I'm Bouncing Back

By Briana Gagnon

Another very real take on the pain ghosting causes, Briana breaks down her emotions and confronts the guy who ghosted her.

I'm Not A Bad Person For Ghosting Guys, And I Won't Apologize For It

By Melissa Sahadeo

Newsflash! Guys aren't the only people who do the ghosting and Melissa shares exactly why she has and how it doesn't make her a bad person for taking control of her time and life.

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