10 Commandments to Dating a Football-Fanatic
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The 10 Commandments For Girls Dating Football Addicts To Avoid A 15-Yard Penalty

Beware: football season is fast approaching.

The 10 Commandments For Girls Dating Football Addicts To Avoid A 15-Yard Penalty

Ahh, summer is here.

The fresh breeze, the free time to do activities that you didn't have time for during the year, and most importantly? There's no football...for another month.

Yes, football is fast approaching, and those of us dating a "sports guy" are starting to get PTSD from the endless game plays from the last football season and missing TV shows due to ESPN highlights. For all of my MVG's (Most Valuable Girlfriends), I have composed the 10 Commandments for Dating a Sports Fanatic.

1. Come to terms that he'll disappear for 6 months

I'm sorry, but don't be surprised that come August when the preseason games start, your boy drops from the face of the earth. Just remember, the game will end and they'll be back in your arms (but probably talking about the game.)

2. He'll have more love for a certain player than you

How many pictures of me does my boyfriend have in his room? 0.

How many does he have of Russell Wilson from the Seahawks? 3.

Do the math.

3. Try (or pretend) to learn the different plays to the best of your ability

You may not be interested, but if you EVER want to converse with your boo during the football season, you need to learn the sport. You don't need to know every play, who won every championship or game, but just the basic ins and outs of what football consists of. Trust me, it'll help to keep your attention when actually watching the game.

4. Listen to him when he get's mad over a loss

You're going to have to play psychiatrist, and it's only fair!

We go to our man when we have some girl drama, so why the double standard? He's going to be angry at his team, as they are bound not to win every single game (it would be great though, huh?).

Let him rant, scream, and pout. We'll never know the wirings of the male brain, to be honest.

5. Get ready to spend some major $$$ on the games

Tickets definitely aren't cheap, so start saving some moolah now.

Your boyfriend is going to want to splurge on tickets to football games, and those aren't exactly cheap. And the food? That isn't cheap either.

Case in point, start saving little by little of your paychecks, so you can go out and enjoy yourself at the stadium!

6. He's probably loud and obnoxious during the games...that's common

Either wear earphones or join the fun in yelling your ass off. There's no in-between.

7. Root for his team if you don't have your own

If you have a fave team, or if you choose to root for the team you were raised with, go for it! IF not, root for your boyfriend's team. This will definitely save you from a couple of fights!

8. Ask questions, and get involved!

To a football-fanatic, there is nothing cuter than a girl asking questions and getting involved with his sport. So, go ahead and ask those dumb questions!

9. Remember: football season ends in February

Face it: the Superbowl is fun.

Not only is it a reason to party, but also because it is the last game of the season! And if that isn't something to drink to, I don't know what is!

10. But as fast as it goes, it comes just as quickly

It's a cycle, but hey - at least you have a month left to have your boyfriend back!

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