I've been single for nearly a year and a half now, and I've only ever been in one real relationship. For this reason, I've recently been feeling behind in the dating world. That said, I decided I would try out some dating apps since I know tons of people who have had success with them.

In this digital age where everything happens online or over the Internet, dating was bound to become prominent online sooner or later. Pretty much every person I know that is sans relationship at the moment has been or is currently on a dating app to try and meet that special someone. I'll be honest, I've tried it too.

And it doesn't work for me. Turns out, that's just not my scene.

I want it to work, I really do. Three of my closest friends met and started dating really awesome people as a result of Tinder, and I wish I could say the same for myself.

I tried for many months, I really did, and several different times too. I deleted and re-downloaded dating apps like it was nobody's business. I just couldn't hold a conversation with anyone for longer than a handful of messages before one of us just stopped answering. I never went on any dates, and never met up with anyone that I matched with.

I would get into this rhythm of just swiping either left or right without even looking at people's profiles, and honestly, instead of making me feel hopeful about my love life, it made me feel worse. It made me sad and lonely, and I felt like I was stooping lower than my own standards for myself by swiping, desperately hoping for a match with someone I knew barely anything about.

Of course, I'm not knocking dating apps at all. For many people they're really successful, they get really lucky, and they find a wonderful person, but that just hasn't been the case for me.

I need to meet the love of my life in person, in real life, before I get his phone number. How am I supposed to know if I vibe with someone, if we really connect, if I've never even met him before? It is so easy to build up this idea of someone based on how they text or what they look like in a few preliminary pictures, and high, unrealistic expectations could destroy any potential connection.

So, here ends my relationship with using dating apps. I'm sick of the internet being so invasive, and I am convinced I will find the right person at the right time somewhere along my life journey.

I'm only 19-years-old. I don't need to have my love life figured out yet. I can enjoy being single and figuring myself out before I need to try to force myself into a relationship or a hookup that I know I don't really want.

If you use any online dating source, more power to you. But I've tried it, and it really isn't my thing.