Dating Apps That Lead To Meaningful Relationships
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Here Are The Dating Apps College Kids Say Will Actually Lead To A Meaningful Relationship

And yeah, Omegle is one of them.

Here Are The Dating Apps College Kids Say Will Actually Lead To A Meaningful Relationship

Dating apps often get a bad rep. People say anything from they make you look too overeager and desperate or are just the fast track to a one night stand, and don't get me wrong they can and are not always going to be sunshine and rainbows.

Dating apps are often going to find you a casual hookup before your soulmate but there are, however, some dating apps that are good for relationships, and though they are somewhat few and far between, I asked 20 college women the dating app to a meaningful relationship and they all seemed to agree.

1. Bumble

According to Bumble's mission statement, "Bumble is a social network that allows you to feel empowered while you make those connections, whether you're dating, looking for friends, or growing your professional network. One first move on Bumble could change your life.

"When members of the opposite sex match on Bumble, women are required to make the first move, shifting old-fashioned power dynamics and encouraging equality from the start."

And equality is exactly what college-aged women are looking for in their romantic relationships. Whether they wish the number of sexual partners they've had would not deem them a "slut" or "whore" or to simply share home responsibilities such as cooking and cleaning, college women want to feel empowered and to feel equal.

One UCLA student said, "I think the fact that women get to make the first move is pretty great because we get to establish how we want to move forward and approach the person of interest on our terms."

"I just respect men on Bumble more," a BU grad shared. "It's clear when a guy signs up for Bumble he isn't intimidated by a woman pursuing him and maybe he's seeking someone who is strong and independent. I like that."

"I met my boyfriend on Bumble and he's f*cking dope. I knew from the start he had my back and was going to be loyal and even the guys I matched with on Bumble who didn't turn out to be the one, they were chill too," a UConn Odyssey writer said.

And even the creators on Odyssey across the country love Bumble. Writer, C.C. Promsatian came clean to her family in her Swoon article about meeting her S.O. on Bumble.

"Yes, the word is out, I met my boyfriend on Bumble. Y'all, I've been lying to my family for a solid minute so it feels good to come clean," C.C. said.

To be honest, though, most apps, even Tinder, can lead to a pretty great relationship, as long as you are super clear about what you're looking for in your profile and don't hold it against someone when their intentions don't perfectly align with you're own.

"The apps are all great if you go about it the right way," a student at NYU said. "I always go into messaging matches assuming they want exactly the opposite that I do and if they're looking for the same then great. In the past, I've had matches make fun of me for wanting something substantial and that's not cool, you have to respect everyone's boundaries and I try not to get pissed when I am feeling a guy only interested in sex."

And if swiping right and messaging first aren't your thing, don't rule out other forms of online dating.

Sarah Ursum

Odyssey writer, Sarah Ursum met her boyfriend when he slid into her DM's on Twitter.

"But on the fateful day in November of 2014, he became a classic millennial boy and decided to shoot his shot in my DMs. He didn't just try the classic "hey" but went all out with a cheesy pick-up line, and boy, did it work," Sarah said in her article on Swoon.

And last but certainly not least, Emma Callihan met her fiancé on Omegle. That's right Omegle.

"I met my fiancé on OMEGLE.... over six years ago," Emma said. "Back in the good ol' days... Omegle was wholesome and somehow I matched with someone only two hours away. My parents (being *great*) let me meet him in person at an Olga's in the mall [and] we've been together ever since. Are middle school (VERY end of 8th grade) sweethearts a thing?"

I don't know about you, but if I weren't in a relationship, I would be about ready to hop back on Omegle to find my soulmate too.

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