Everyone has been there, sitting in their parked car, listening to music with their best friends singing along all the while staring down at a five-inch screen trying to decipher what he really meant when he said "hi" two hours ago. You talk among yourselves. Each friend giving a different version of the same advice. Either he likes you and he is busy. He likes you and is playing hard to get. Or he likes you but is afraid of rejection. Now I'm going to say this slowly. If you keep playing your conversations in your head over and over again all the while coming up fuzzy with he true meaning behind each of his actions, smiles, and glances, I'm sorry to break it to you, but sis he doesn't like you.

I've always been told that men are the ones to pursue. I would shove this aside in my mind because I didn't want to fall into a misogynistic mind set of dating. I didn't want to believe the fact that "the man was created to hunt" because in my mind, weren't humans created to hunt, women and men not just one. While this is somewhat sexist the truth hides between the lines. Men were created to hunt back in the australopithecine days. When our cranial capacities were only around 450 cc and we stood at a whopping 5 feet with hair covering our bodies. Humans were made to hunt, but hunt for meat and the last time I checked I was not a wild gazelle.

While modern humans are genetically or physically not constructed to hunt, we were constructed for one thing. Communication. Language and communicating is a factor that separates us from all other primates. Without language I would not be able to write this article, nor would you be able to read it. Communication lies in the deepest pores of humans as it seeps out daily with conversations, phone calls, texts, and even the occasional emoji. Communication is so primal that we even talk to ourselves and animals just to hear our own voices. Our voices fill the empty air on dates as people try to get to know each other. The one-word texts you get are there not to get to know you, but to take up time and give his fingers something to do.

I hate to break it to you but if he is not chasing you, trying to win you, or making an effort he doesn't like you! If you have to sit and wonder what it means when he texts you first, he does not like you! If you put into question his motives and actions when it comes to maybe having a relationship he doesn't like you! You should not settle for a guy that doesn't take the time to voice his opinion on you and what you mean to him. Its one thing to be a shy person but it is a whole other meaning behind leading someone on and only talking to them for your benefit. Whoever is reading this listen to me in this typed format, you deserve so much more that silence. You deserve to go on dates, to get love notes, and random flowers on a Tuesday morning. I deserve more than silence. And as I reread this article from time to time I finally need to get it engraved in my mind that the only dating advice I will ever need - is if he likes you, he will make it apparent.