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The Daily Struggle Of Whether Or Not To Buy An Iced Coffee

It is a fateful decision that I must make almost every day.

Human beings go through many struggles during their brief yet precious time on this planet, some of which seem to occur practically every day. There's a lot to deal with in this day and age, from the struggle of deciding what to eat for dinner to the constant need to finally figure out what one is doing with their life.

Personally, I go through these struggles as well. I have no idea what I'm having for dinner tonight and I'm currently still trying to figure out where life is taking me, but there is another struggle that I've been experiencing as of late. A struggle that comes almost every morning and then forces me to make a fateful decision practically every day. It's a struggle alright. In fact, it is the daily struggle of whether or not to buy an iced coffee.

Almost every single day, I endure this merciless test of character, as I contemplate my options and decide which option to ultimately follow through with. The options are, of course, buying an iced coffee or deciding not to. It is a difficult, heartbreaking decision, and one that I am forced to make far too often.

Because, you see, I really like iced coffee. Like, I really do. But, I also like money, and I have noticed a direct correlation between the number of iced coffees that I buy and the amount of money I have. My hypothesis is that every iced coffee that I get leaves me with less money than I had previously. Of course, this is only a theory that I am still trying to prove, but all the research I have conducted and the evidence I have collected do indeed support this conclusion.

There are many days when I think to myself, "Should I buy an iced coffee today?" This thought usually engulfs my mind either at work or on the way to work, and after the thought consumes me, I can think of little else until a decision is made. Like, obviously I want an iced coffee, but should I buy one today? And if I do decide to get one, what type should I get? Where should I get it from? Should I order a fresh one from a coffee shop or just buy an already bottled one from a convenience store? These are all questions that consume my mind at once, immediately demanding my full and undivided attention.

If I decide to get one, I will likely be more awake and more productive throughout the day, but I will also have around four dollars less than I had previously. On the other hand, if I don't buy one, I will still have the four dollars, but I will likely also spend the rest of the day wishing that I had bought one. The decision is never easy.

I mean honestly, iced coffees are expensive these days. Sure, you can get an okay one for maybe two or three dollars, but a high-quality one that you will actually enjoy might cost you around four or five. The prices are outrageous, but the coffee is just so good. It sure is tough to be a human being in the current world that we live in, which will surely come to be known as the golden age of iced coffee hundreds of years from now.

All that one can really do in order to survive in this iced coffee world is make sure to take advantage of the delicious experience that comes with drinking one of these marvelous beverages, while making sure not to do it every single day, and also hoping that one's bank account is able to keep up.

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