5 Reasons Why Cyber Monday is Better Than Black Friday

Black Friday shopping is madness and to be honest, some of us would much rather stay in than feel the adrenaline rush over squaring up with someone over a flat screen TV. Here are just some reasons why Cyber Monday is significantly better than Black Friday.

1. Malls are so crowded

Let's face it, Black Friday crowds are crazy. Why submit yourself to that madness when you could just... not?

2. You don't have to go outside to get the best deals

That's right. You can stay in your pajamas, brew a cup of coffee, and relax while you shop.

3. Parking isn't an issue

If you do decide to go out for Black Friday, good luck finding a good parking spot. Parking is limited on Black Friday and while trying to find a parking spot, you're probably missing out on some of the deals in the stores.

4. Your Christmas shopping can be as secretive as ever

You don't have to worry about your mom seeing you pick up her Christmas gift in Target (this has happened to me before) because everything can be done on your laptop or even on your phone. Your mom doesn't have to know you're buying her a bathrobe and not playing Candy Crush.

5. More time to spend with family

Thanksgiving is about spending time with family, why stress about getting good deals when a home-cooked meal and some quality family time is the best deal of all.

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