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Cutting My Hair Set Me Free From More Than Just My Morning Routine

Every woman, at one point in their life, wants hair like Rapunzel. But some girls want to be like Mulan and cut it all off.

Cutting My Hair Set Me Free From More Than Just My Morning Routine

When I was younger, I loved being told that my hair was longer than the other kids but it was such a hassle. As time went on, I started to develop a love-hate relationship with my long brown hair. I bleached it and dyed it every few months until I got tired of it. My hair got thin and my confidence went down. Cutting it all off made me realize 5 things.

1. Getting rid of that weight is such a euphoric feeling. 


Not all of us can be as dramatic as Mulan was but the feeling is still there. I still remember that for weeks after I cut all my hair off, I constantly ran my fingers through the hair I had left and it is such an unforgettable feeling. No tangles. It's soft. Fluffy. I even felt more empowered when I did.

2. Your hair dries in such a short amount of time. 

Ruby Rose (the most beautiful woman in the world)- Orange is the New Black

I take a shower right before I go to bed and as soon I am back in my room, it's almost dry already. With my hair, it only takes 45 minutes to dry. When I had long hair, I would go to bed with wet hair and it was a nightmare. Right after you get out of the shower, your body naturally wants to sleep off the fatigue after you relaxed with hot water.

3. No more problems you didn't (or did) realize you hated.

No more clogged shower drains. No more hair getting in your mouth when a light breeze hits you. It won't take forever to brush which leads to static just messing up your hair. The beauty of short hair is so buried in bad Feminist stereotypes that the beauty is right there in front of you.

4. Ever noticed that when celebrities hit rock bottom they cut their hair?

Ruby Rose in her short film Break Free

Cutting your hair is a ceremony of sorts. Some people do it to start over and get rid of the "past." I mean just think about the 2007 Brittany Spears and 2012 Miley Cyrus, they both had to do something that would make people think different differently about them. Miley wanted to escape her pure image and Brittany was going through rehab. They cut away their past to start anew.

5. Your hair will grow back in time (if you don't like it) 

Although it is unlikely to happen, you may want your long hair back. If you just wait a few years, it will be back and along the way you can find out what length of hair is your favorite. My sister likes it long but not too long while my other sister likes it super long. I don't understand them because short hair is the best. But that option is still there, in case you don't like it (which I highly doubt).

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