How Cutting My Hair Taught Me A Valuable Life Lesson

How Cutting My Hair Taught Me A Valuable Life Lesson

You should never stay in one place because you're too scared to see what'll happen next.


A lot of things in my life have been changing recently and not always in the way I want them to. Sometimes it's hard to adjust when new changes are inevitable. The one change in my life I could always control, however, was the length of my hair.

My hair has always been a constant part of my life. It's incredibly long, draping down my entire back. It's straight, doesn't get frizzy, and there's a bunch of natural highlights in it. I'm constantly told that I have everyone's dream hair. People always express envy over it and beg me not to cut it—as if keeping my hair long is doing them a favor.

My hair has looked the same for over ten years—I'VE looked the same.

I've always been afraid to cut my hair because I am afraid of change, and I am constantly holding onto the familiar—even if it's not working for me anymore. My life has become more fast-paced, and honestly, it would be a huge load off my shoulders if I didn't have to spend forever brushing my hair, drying it, or spending 30+ minutes figuring out what to do with it so it's not in my way.

As an introvert, I have relied on my hair as my security blanket. It has helped me with social interactions by acting as coverage for me and something to help keeps my hands busy. I've come to a point where I want to feel free, and in order for me to do that, I need to let go of my security blanket. If I never cut my hair, I'm never going to know what life is like without that security that I now unhealthily rely on.

Every time I get courageous and think about cutting my hair, I look in the mirror and see how beautiful it is—I have a very hard time parting with it because I'm worried it'll never get this way again.

But why does that worry me? Change isn't just good—it's inevitable.

So, after months of consideration, I finally decided to make the change.

The experience of cutting my hair taught me that the art of letting go is embracing change.

When your life goes in a different direction, it's hard to free yourself of the past and focus on what's ahead—especially if things happen unexpectedly.

But the reality is that you cannot hold onto something right now just because it's what you're used to. You should never stay in one place because you're too scared to see what'll happen next. That's the beauty of the spontaneity of life.

Plus, change never has to be permanent! You can make mistakes—that's how you learn. If I realize that shorter hair isn't for me, it'll grow back. But you'll never know what your mistakes are if you don't try new things.

Eventually, my hair will be grey—things are always going to change whether I want them to or not, so it's always a good time to take a chance and try something new. You have one life to live, so why not do everything you want to do with that life? There is no time to waste—if you live in fear of change, you will not live.

It's good for us to keep our minds open and be influenced by new ideas. When you change, sometimes certain things don't fit anymore. Whether it be relationships, old clothes, or hair.

Change can be sad when you have to let go of things that no longer work for you, but it's always good. When you accept this, you can freely move onto bigger and better things. I will be able to live my life at a quicker pace with shorter hair, and without my hair to hide me, I will be able to come out of my shell and express myself.

If you never let go of anything, you will always be the same person. You will never improve or come across new opportunities that will probably be better than the last. You have to live your life in relation to who you are at this very moment because we are constantly changing.

I've taken this new lesson and applied it to other parts of my life, accepting that some things are no longer meant for me and embracing a new chapter of my life—all while rocking my new hair.

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