10 Things That Happen After Chopping Off Almost 10 Inches Of Your Hair
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10 Things That Happen After Chopping Off Almost 10 Inches Of Your Hair

Especially if it was super long before and now it feels super short.

10 Things That Happen After Chopping Off Almost 10 Inches Of Your Hair
Nathan Deutschman

I randomly decided to chop eight inches of my long hair to donate it to "Children with Hair Loss." This was a very bold move for me because I have never had my hair shorter than mid-way down my back since I cut it to my chin in third grade.

I'm glad I did it though, and here are 10 things have had happened since I did it.

1. Everyone mentions it.

"Oh, you cut your hair! It looks so good!"

2. You have to adjust the amount of shampoo and conditioner you use.

And probably save a lot of money because you're not using as much.

3. You have to figure out how to style it.

Your old hair styles probably won't work out with the new hair.

4. It's hard to get used to.

I keep thinking my hair is still long so it is weird when it just stops as I'm stroking it.

5. Besides the length, your hair might look different.

Mine definitely has more wave to it

6. You feel powerful.

You sort of get an adrenaline rush afterwards.

7. You question if you ever want long hair again.

Short hair is definitely low maintenance.

8. You post about it a lot.

It's so new and fresh! You want to show it off.

9. You start thinking of what else you could do.

Like dying your hair because it would be a lot cheaper now

10. It just feels good.

Knowing someone might be wearing your hair on their head is a good feeling.

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