10 Reasons To Buy A Cute One-Piece Bathing Suit Instead Of Starving Yourself For A 'Beach Body'

10 Reasons To Buy A Cute One-Piece Bathing Suit Instead Of Starving Yourself For A 'Beach Body'

You can have the best of both worlds: eat and feel good!


We all have those days when we wear a bikini and feel fat or pudgy. We hate that we have rolls when we sit down and how our stomach expands when we eat. However, even though these are all normal functions of the body, there is a solution to all your worries and problems.

ONE-PIECE BATHING SUITS! One piece bating suits are the new "in". I know you may be tempted to go on a diet for the summer or eat very minimal to nothing because you think it will get you that skinny summer body you want, but why make yourself miserable when you can get yourself a cute one-piece and...

1. You'll look better.

One pieces form to your body making you look super curvy which is what a lot of people are going for these days and make you look "skinnier" anyway.

2. You'll feel better.


Trying to keep up with a diet or being constantly hungry is very frustrating and annoying. You'll always feel empty and have to deal with constant fatigue, headaches, and nausea.

3. You'll save yourself from binging.


At some point in time, you will give into these foods that you dare not to eat because you think it will make you "fat", and ironically will probably gain more weight, be sad, and not want to enjoy a day out at the beach, pool, etc.

4. You won't have unnecessary mood swings.

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Being hungry is not fun, and neither is having to deal with someone who is. I know when I'm hungry I get VERY moody and irritated with everyone and everything. So, please save yourself, and keep your emotions stabilized.

5. You'll have more confidence in yourself.

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This one might sound a little off but it's true. People who wear one piece bathing suits are usually more confident than if they were to wear a two piece. Even though you feel like you shouldn't eat or eat very minimal because you'll "look skinnier" (which is completely false), you will be constantly thinking about how you look and it will end up never being enough. You will never be satisfied.

6. You won't be constantly thinking about food.


Yes, you will be constantly thinking about food because…...YOU ARE NOT GIVING IT TO YOUR BODY WHEN YOUR BODY IS NEEDING IT.

7. You'll feel more confident to eat in a swimsuit.


Too often were concerned our stomach looks fat or poochy in a bikini when we sit down or eat. With a one piece that has a cute pattern or style, you can't even tell if you get that natural pudge sitting down. You'll actually look stylish sitting there eating some yummy fruit and salad!

8. You'll be trendy/fashionable.

I don't know if you've noticed, but one piece bathing suits are the new trend nowadays. Everyone is rocking them, and more companies are selling a lot of them. So why waste your time killing for that unhealthy starved beach body when you can be a trendy, curvy, happy woman?!

9.  You won't be constantly thinking about bathing suit mishaps.

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In bikinis, it can be very easy for a nip-slip or for bottoms to ride up or come completely off. With a one piece, you're mind is more at ease, knowing you won't have a bathing suit mishap as easily.

10. You'll feel much healthier.


Wearing a bathing suit will help you boost your mindset with self-confidence, your emotions by decreasing mood swings, and physically by fueling your body with food. When you improve yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically you will feel better than you ever have. Feeling better can only help you feel more positive about yourself. So stay positive this summer and get yourself a stylish one piece instead of starving yourself.

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