Cute Ways To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be A Part Of Your Big Day
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Cute Ways To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be A Part Of Your Big Day

"Fear no longer because Pinterest-yet again-has an answer for all your problems."

Cute Ways To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be A Part Of Your Big Day

With being recently engaged, I'm super excited to ask my favorite ladies to stand beside me when I say, "I do." Because I'm an art major, I really am wanting to make the way I ask them, super creative and sentimental. I think all of them know me to be when I want actually want to, so I'm sure they're expecting something sweet.

If you're also struggling with how to ask because you're like me and wanting to make it cute...fear no longer because Pinterest-yet again-has an answer for all your problems.

All of my future bridesmaids love wine, so I definitely considered going that route. What's a cuter way to say BE IN MY WEDDING than a box filled with wine and other goodies?

Get something for every sense!

A cute note that touches their hearts,

A bottle of wine that tastes like deliciousness.

A candle to warm their nose.

A mix CD of songs that ya'll loved listening to, together.

Maybe a shade of their favorite nail polish or lipstick?

Seriously you can't go wrong, and there's at least SOMETHING in there your bridesmaid will be ecstatic about.

Looking for a sweet way to ask your besties to be in your wedding? We are�

If you're wanting to dig a little deeper and do something more personalized (which is always nice too), you could also try this.

What an amazing way to ask your maid of honor! We are in love.

I am the personalized gift giver girl. I want everyone to know that my friends are my friends for DIFFERENT reasons. Two of my bridesmaids have known me since I was a newborn. While the other two were my elementary best friends, and the other two I had the honor of meeting later in my adult life. They all are close to me for really special reasons, and if that's important to me, I'm sure it's also important to them.

A decorative box is always sweet because them having to open it gives a certain surprise twist to this already amazing honor. Fill that box with everything your bridesmaids love. My MOH loves her fur baby, is a dental hygienist, and was the first person to give me baby tampons when I got my period (That I still have btw). Think back to memories you had with your best gal's, and incorporate that with the way you ask them. I think it'll not only make the process more special, but it'll be a hell of a lot easier because you clearly know them all so well.

Next is one of my favorites because I'M OBSESSED WITH BAGS. Like the box idea, you can fill this with anything your bridesmaids love, but this is just a bit different because you're giving them a purse that they can actually use in the future vs a box that'll probably end up being tossed somewhere and forgotten about. I have seen a few customized bags recently and am starting to become obsessed with the idea.

Even after your big day, your bridesmaids can still be reminded of you by the purse, and that thought makes me happy.

How I asked my bridesmaids to be in wedding! #rustic #diy #wedding @borrowednblue

If you're looking for something a bit simpler, a rustic picture frame is the way to go. If I was going to do this, I'd most likely put a picture of myself and one of my bridesmaids in it just so this is something they could hang up and wouldn't have to explain to people who haven't seen the movie. It's for sure a really cute way to ask, and completely cost effective.

Creative, Cute Ways to Ask Your Girls to be Bridesmaids | PreOwned Wedding Dresses

I'm obsessed with these "Tie the knot" bracelets. I think they hold such a beautiful yet subtle message. It makes me super happy knowing that on the day I get married all of my bridesmaids could be wearing these to support me.

Though it's a cute gift, I think packaging is what will sell this to your girls.

Maybe find a mason jar big enough to fit this bracelet in and fill it with white cotton balls (to represent that white wedding) and under the lid of the mason jar say "Will you help me tie the knot?".

I think it's a really clever and special way to get your girls involved in your big day.

And who doesn't love bracelets?

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For this last one, I really found it important to include for all ya'll beauties who will be gaining a future sister(s). I, myself, am and am overly excited because I've never had one before! Let the clothes stealing begin. In all seriousness, I love this saying and it's super easy to incorporate it on anything. As far as personalization goes, you can buy a decorative box at Michael's for 5 bucks, paint it a pretty color, and print this bad boy out and paste it on there somehow.

No matter how you ask your girls, they're going to be so damn happy you chose them to stand by your side. I know even though my ladies are anticipating something creative from me, none of them would be offended if I sent them a simple text or made a quick phone call.

That's why they're my best friends.

P.S. Girls, expect something cute because that's what you're getting!

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