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7 Cute And Simple Dorm Decor And Organization

Cheap and easy ways to add pops of color and fun to your dorm room or apartment!

7 Cute And Simple Dorm Decor And Organization
Katie Francis

Last year as a freshman, I had a very difficult time trying to decide what I wanted my first home away from home to look like. That being said, I struggled with the decor and eventually fell behind in the organization department.

The fall semester is quickly approaching, so it's time to start packing, which means you need to start thinking about the look that you want in your room! Here are some tips to make your room both practical and cute without breaking the bank.

1. Rolling Cart Organizer

This adorable three-tier rolling cart is magnetic and great storage for books, snacks, and electronics.

2. Decor and Storage on the cart

Use decorative paper to add detail to magnetic tin containers that can hold easy-to-lose school supplies, such as paper clips and pins. Buy magnets and hot glue them to the back of paper flowers to create the cute and simple floral accents on the cart!

3. Use a Planner

Planners are a great way to keep everything you need to remember in one spot!

4. Ways to get the most out of your planner

Adding stickers is not only a cute way to personalize your calendar, but it allows you to easily see what events are coming up that are super important to remember. You can also use drawings, such as comic book style word clouds, to emphasize things.

This particular planner also comes with a "to do" area, which is a great tool to utilize to prioritize your tasks!

5. Reuse your old earrings

Every girl has millions of colorful, mismatched earrings from Claire's from when they were tweens. Why not take them and transform them into cute pins to display your awesome summer?

6. Magnetic Picture Boards

Use the extra flower magnets you made to hang your mini Polaroids on these cheap, yet adorable tin plaques!

7. Personalize your cords

Washi tape is a great way to add a pop of color and personality to your cords, and it also helps to distinguish which charger is which!

However, you decide to decorate your room, be sure to personalize it and make it feel like home! Comfortability is the most important part in a temporary home!

Whether you are a freshman entering the dorms for your first semester away from home, or you are a super senior in your second apartment, these Pinterest-esque ideas will brighten up any living space!

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