15 Great Halloween Decorations Under $20
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15 Great Halloween Decorations Under $20

Perfect decorations for anyone who loves Halloween

15 Great Halloween Decorations Under $20

This article is inspired by my infatuation with Halloween, the want for decorations, and not enough money to buy them all. After asking one of my friends how to go about decorating on a low budget, they suggested that I buy three decorations each year until I have as many as I want. So, I went scouring the internet and have found some gem decorations. Halloween decorations vary from creepy to cool and minimalistic to extravagant. Accommodating a decoration to taste would seem to be easy since they vary so drastically. Hopefully, this list of decor will help you find your favorite Halloween decoration yet!

Hand candle holder


If you like candles and the Addams family, this decoration is for you. For only $5 you can have your very own Thing... kind of. This decoration is a must-have either way.

Mini studded pumpkins


These pumpkins are some of my favorite pumpkin decorations. They're only $6 and can easily be placed around the house for a nice decorative feel.

Spooky shot glasses


For only $8 these spooky shot glasses will keep the boos coming. Perfect for decoration and use!

Crouching vulture


Although vultures are kind of creepy, this one is kind of cute. The beady eyes however, are the exception. For just $8 this vulture will leave your guests feeling only slightly eerie.

Spooky movie decoration


This cute "Spooky Movie" decoration is perfect for scary movie nights! For $8 this decoration can be a key piece when it comes to watching the scariest of movies.

Alien skull


This decoration seemed like an odd one which makes it even better. I would like to think this item could get a reaction out of anyone. For only $10 this alien skull will have your guests feeling out of this world.

Spider web runner


With almost every theme there is a tablecloth and/or a runner for it. For $10 this runner will bring your table tops to life!

Hanging bat in a cage 


For only $10 this bat can act as your Halloween companion. This decoration gives the perfect amount of cute and spooky!

Lighted bat silhouette


I like this decoration because its subtle and its cute! For $12.49 this bat will show everyone who sees it just how much you like Halloween!

Ghoul dog skeleton


For $15 you can have a ghoul dog sneaking around your yard. Its a perfect decoration if you don't mind feeding it...

Spider tapestry


Spiders are pretty creepy to a lot of people but this tapestry gives a small amount of eeriness and a larger amount of aesthetic. For $15 this decoration can be the perfect accent for any wall.

Spider skeleton


This decoration is kind of creepy; which is exactly why its perfect. The skeleton provides the creeps while the shudder-some spider legs tie together for a truly nightmarish decoration. For $17, this decoration will have all of your guests feeling eerie.

Dragon skull


For $18 this color-changing dragon skull will enchant the entire room. It even changes color so it's the perfect subtle but really cool decoration.

Crystal Ball


For $19.29 this crystal ball will enhance the ambiance of a psychic. Or it can be placed just right to make the theme only slightly eerie. This is a perfect decoration.

Skeleton lantern 


This lantern gives kind of a spooky adventure vibe. Its a great addition to any Halloween theme for $20.

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