Currently Trending: 5 Stories From The Week Of February 9 To Read Today

Here are the top five pieces you missed from our creator last week:

1. 5 Good Reasons 'Mayor Pete' Should Never Become 'President Pete'

By Javairia Haq

With the Democratic candidacy up for grabs, Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has risen to the top of the pack. Some are excited and others are not. Do you think "Mayor Pete" would make a good "President Pete"?

2. You're Not Drunk — Coors Light Really Is Offering To Cover Your Dog Adoption Fees Until February 21

By Tyler Lyman

Yeah, you read that right. Hurry up, though! There are only a few more days left.

3. This New Starbucks Ad Shows A Trans Teen Using His Preferred Name To Order, Just As It Should Be

By Kaylee Mcallister

A big win for the LGBTQ community and a big move by Starbucks to show more representation in their advertisements. But is Starbucks doing enough for the LGBTQ community?

4. Andrew Yang's Presidential Bid Is Over But Its Inspiration To Asian Americans Will Carry On

By Shreya Ghosh

This past week, Andrew Yang, the first Asian-American man to run for president as a Democrat, ended his presidential bid. Despite throwing in the towel, Yang helped inspire Asian-Americans in a way that will last beyond the 2020 election.

5. Dickinson College Is Proof That All Colleges Need To Update Their Title IX Policies

By Alexi Sanderlin

"A Dickinson College student by the name of Rose McAvoy published an article in the college's newspaper about her sexual assault and how poorly the college handled it. In the article, McAvoy recalls when her assault took place and just what happened to her in the months and year following."
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