Why 'Mayor Pete' Should Never Become 'President Pete'
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5 Good Reasons 'Mayor Pete' Should Never Become 'President Pete'

Why you shouldn't support Pete Buttigieg in the 2020 presidential race.

5 Good Reasons 'Mayor Pete' Should Never Become 'President Pete'

Look, I'm not some right-wing fanatic telling you to only vote for Trump. In fact, I'm pretty leftist. But there are serious issues with political candidate Pete Buttigieg that you should know before casting your vote in November.

His previous track record speaks for itself and these five issues, in particular, illustrate why "Mayor Pete" shouldn't become "President Pete."

1. Buttigieg would not further an investigation into the hanging death of a 16-year-old black boy

In 2011, South Bend, Indiana resident Stephanie Jones wondered why nobody, including then-mayor Pete Buttigieg, would further investigate the sudden death of her 16-year old son. She believed he was murdered — his body was found hanging from an electrical tower on April 14, 2011. The coroner — who, according to The Young Turks, had no formal medical training — and police concluded that this was a suicide. Jones then personally went to Buttigieg to ask him to get justice for her son, but to no avail. Stephanie Jones still looks for answers to her son's mysterious death to this day.

2. He fired South Bend's black police chief over allegations the chief had recorded other police officers

After he became mayor of South Bend in 2012, Buttigieg made a decision that would later taint his relationship with the black community. Buttigieg demanded the resignation of the city's first black police chief, Darryl Boykins. Buttigieg says he fired Boykins for allegedly recording of some police phone lines, which, Buttigieg says, violated federal wiretapping laws. But a person familiar with the contents of the recordings says that they reveal "racism and criminal activity."

3. Oversaw a police force that was forced to pay out $1.3 million in brutality and civil rights settlements

A local news network called WSBT 22 looked at South Bend's police force documents from January 2011 to September 2016. Keep in mind this was the time that Buttigieg was mayor of the town. They found that...

"The City paid $785,000 in settlements related to the police wiretapping cases, which began in 2011. Four officers involved received $500,000, the former police chief received $50,000 and the former communications director received $235,000... Several settlements fell into the category of alleged police brutality and civil rights violations." — Suzanne Spencer, WSBT

Remember that Buttigieg was involved in the outcomes of all of these cases. If Buttigieg can't manage his police force, how can they tackle police brutality in the United States?

4. Responded to "Black Lives Matter" with "All Lives Matter"

In 2015, Pete Buttigieg responded to Black Lives Matter by saying "All Lives Matter" while he addressed two local police controversies. Maybe not the best look for you, Mayor Pete.

5. Has said he would keep troops in Syria

Because what the world truly needs right now is more war, right? And who cares about the massive casualties that innocent Syrians will face or the mental illness of returning veterans?

There are even more reasons not to vote for Pete Buttigieg in the upcoming elections. I can't force you to vote for someone else, but I can inform you about why Buttigieg isn't the ideal candidate. It's up to you to vote for someone you believe will make the U.S. a better place to live.

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