The Curly Girl's Guide To Society: Part II

The Curly Girl's Guide To Society: Part II

Childhood movies like "The Princess Diaries" portray curly hair in a negative light.

Something that has come to my attention only recently within the curly community, is the negative portrayal of curly hair on tv shows and in movies. It’s honestly something I hadn’t even thought of until I read similar responses to the idea from several people I follow on social media. Although I’ve noticed for years how curly hair wasn’t being recognized in a positive light in any scenario, I had never thought back to childhood shows and movies. Often, they would portray some form of character development that consisted of the female protagonist, undergoing a makeover that would change her image to what is considered beautiful and worthy of people’s attention.

It’s only now that I’ve seen those thoughts being put into words that I realize how much I was cheated by the movie "The Princess Diaries" for example, which I watched over and over as a kid. I thought back to how the stylists had Mia sit in a chair and detangle her hair dry, and her hair was so tangled that the brush got stuck. They cut and shaped her hair, did her eyebrows, and expected her to act like a “proper lady.” Although Mia didn’t have my same 3A/3B curls, she sure did have a mass of wavy hair on her head which I would have compared to my own waist length curly hair that I dreaded having to detangle and loved having straightened as a kid. Thinking back to that scene with Mia only brought back the haunting memory of my own while at the salon where the hairdresser detangled my hair dry- which is extremely painful and NOT how you detangle curly hair.

All of these makeovers and transformations always start off with a girl with “messy” or “unruly” hair that can only be considered beautiful and acceptable when it has been straightened. It’s only then that the girl can be accepted by others and be considered worth anyone’s time. What kind of message is this sending to other young girls? How can they learn to advocate for themselves when they’ve had this idea of what is considered beautiful to be something they have to change themselves to achieve?

The message behind these kinds of transformations needs to change. Curly hair is beautiful too and it does not need to be changed or “fixed.” Even further than that though, ALL types of curls with ALL accompanying frizz and differences are beautiful. Defined curls and frizzy curls must be appreciated and acknowledged with the same respect.

Cover Image Credit: Free-Photos / Pixabay

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8 Bathtub-Free Lush Products College Students Need

No bathtub? No problem.

Good college morning, everyone! Welcome to another day of weird not-homey-ness, stress and wondering when you're going to squeeze in time to shower without a bathtub.

In this month since I've been at school, I have been saddened on numerous occasions because I miss baths. I have at least two beautiful-smelling bath bombs at home that I know would take all my stress away. Why am I not sinking in the liquid sunshine and feeling the allure of blackberry and sandalwood (or whatever the package says)? This community bathroom situation is not going to cut it anymore without a little help from the Lush gods. Are they listening? I hope so.

(I can't promise any of this will be budget-friendly, but sometimes sacrifices must be made.)

1. Cup O' Coffee

Spend less money at your campus Starbucks and enjoy the benefits of coffee with this self-preserving face/body mask that increases blood flow. Your skin will feel soft, and you will smell delicious. It lasts for about two months and doesn't need to be refrigerated!

Price: $11.95 / 5.2 oz

2. Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

You actually cannot use water with this product (I have been there and made that mistake). It is super great when you'd rather remove your makeup in peace and not have to weasel your way up to the crowded counter in the bathroom. A little goes a long way!

Price: $18.95 / 1.5

3. Shampoo Bars

Not only are they all super pretty and make your hair smell great, but these palm-sized bars last up to 80 washes and won't weigh your hair down with silicone or residue. The Karma Komba bar (above) works especially well for detangling, but each bar comes with its own unique benefits.

Price: $10.95-$12.95, but mostly $11.95 / 1.9 oz

4. Sleepy Lotion

Wind down after a long day in front of your computer and get ready to fix cracked winter skin with a lavender body lotion. that will hydrate your skin and lull you right to sleep. It's super new and super popular so if you snag some, cherish it.

Price: $9.95 / 3.1 oz

5. No Drought Dry Shampoo

Sometimes there's just no time to wash your hair, and that's totally cool. This powder shampoo takes the place of regular shampoo, blends right in with even dark hair, and won't make greasiness worse like some spray dry shampoos do. It smells citrusy, so no one will ever be able to tell you skipped a wash... or four.

Price: $8.95 / 1.9 oz bottle

6. Jungle Conditioner Bar

We all know there's no time every morning to fix hair that has a mind of its own, so be proactive with this bar that tames wild hair so your straightener doesn't have to!

Price: $11.95 / 1.7 oz

7. Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub

Tired of being covered in dorm room grime? Me too. This scrub comes in a pretty bar and in a jar, but both work well to rub off dead skin and general college dirt.

Price: $9.95 / 4.5 oz bar, $22.95 / 11.6 fl oz tub

8. Bonus: Lush Tins

To transport all of Lush's minimal-packaging goodies to the shower, these reusable tins are great for you and great for the environment! Lush's shampoo, soap, and conditioner bars come "naked", so having somewhere to put them when they're not in use is probably a good idea.

Price: $3.95 / tin made to shape your product

Good luck spending all your money, and happy college!

Cover Image Credit: Raina Shannon

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Farsali's Unicorn Essence Is A MUST Have For Any Beauty Regimen

The famous brand has been raved about all over social media. But is the product actually worth it?

Almost all magazines and top beauty influencers have had something to say about the fast-growing beauty and skin care company Farsali. Although there are only six products available for purchase, the company quickly gained popularity.

The founder of the company, Sal Ali, told Yahoo Beauty, “I created Farsali as a gift for my wife. We are more than just husband and wife — we’re best friends, so we talk to each other about everything”.

Out of the six available products, there are three in specific that have become essential to any beauty and skincare routine: the Rose Gold Elixir, Unicorn Essence and the Jelly Beam.

The Unicorn Essence antioxidant serum and primer is an absolute must-have. Since it is oil-free it does not clog my pores, but instead, it works as a serum. This allows the skin to completely absorb the product without leaving it feeling heavy or greasy at all.

The main issue with most serums and primers is that they feel so heavy when applied to the skin. Some products I have tried made my skin feel like I was weighing it down. I always felt like washing my face right after I applied it in order to feel clean again. Also, other products ended up being too thick, so they did not settle well onto my skin at all.

However, the Unicorn Essence contains ingredients that provide antioxidants and vitamin C to ensure healthier skin (acai berry, goji berry, blueberry, and tamarind). It is perfect for moisturizing, enhancing, and protecting the skin without any added residue or odors.

Finding primers that actually smell good is pretty hard. I have no clue as to what some companies put into their products... they just don’t smell very nice. Farsali’s Unicorn Essence is “heavenly sweet” and has an “uplifting aroma.”

It seriously has one of those fragrances that you cannot stop sniffing. Yes, that sounds strange, but anyone who has tried it will say the same thing.

This all in one serum and primer allows for makeup to be applied perfectly smooth, while also preventing creasing from the use of concealer and even helping foundation last longer.

These are not even all the benefits! Enhance eyeshadow pigments, prevent eyeshadow creasing and even enhance highlighter to get that blinding glow all with Farsali’s magnificent Unicorn Essence serum and primer.

The way in which the product is dispensed has transformed the way moisturizing primers have been used. Not only is the one fl oz bottle super attractive…the liquid itself is eye-catching. Once I use the dropper to dispense the serum/primer onto my skin, I immediately see the sparkles. It is called Unicorn Essence for a reason.

The Unicorn Essence is definitely a holy grail for my beauty regimen. It has allowed my skin to feel fresh and balanced. This product has also prevented my foundation from looking cakey or creating any dry patches.

So, YES, Farsali's famous Unicorn Essence really does live up to its hype.This is definitely one of the only primers I have no doubts in and will always continue to use!!

Cover Image Credit: @farsalicare / instagram

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