With finals coming up, stress levels are high. I don't know about anyone else, but when I'm stressed, I cry. That being said, I've cried a lot since starting at UGA, so I've compiled a list of the best places to have a good cry on campus.

1. Founder's Memorial Garden.

There are benches semi-hidden in the garden that are just perfect for a private cry. If those are taken, just crying in the open grass area is very relaxing. The flowers and the fountain help calm down and de-stress. The fountain can also drown out some of the noise if you're a loud crier. This is my absolute favorite crying spot.

2. Couches in the lobby of Moore College.

Moore College is home to the Honors Program. Everyone in there just gets it. Sometimes the secretaries have candy or other snacks, too. Overall, the couches are comfy and usually available. It's sometimes eerily quiet in this building though.

3. Couches in the lobby of Joe Brown Hall.

The lobby is usually pretty busy, so if you're looking for seclusion, this isn't the spot for you. However, the couches and chairs in the lobby are ridiculously comfortable, so it'd be easy enough to curl and up and cry. Also, nobody judges if you fall asleep in them, so crying yourself to sleep is totally okay.

4. Herty Field.

Another bad place for a private cry, but it's still a favorite. There are plenty of benches and grassy areas to sit. There are always people around, so that and the fountain will drown out any sobs. Beware of tour groups.

5. Third floor of the Science Library.

The third floor of Sci-Li has these weird study rooms that almost look like jail cells. They scare me personally, but I've heard they're great to lock yourself in and have a nice cry. Nobody can see or hear you, so if you're a private crier, this is the place for you.