your words are like honey to my ears

you know exactly what I want to hear

I put a wall up so I don't have to face my fear.

When I fall for someone I usually end up tears.

This isn't about the fear of rejection

but its actually about the fear of perfection.

I know no one is "Perfect" but I made you my selection.

I created this image of you, I set a high expectation.

I go to bed a night not giving into temptation.

I'd probably do anything for you without an explanation.

You see I always end up falling so hard and so fast

I should be really careful because my heart is made of glass.

When I look for love, I look for something that will last.

Something a lot better than I had in the past.

I know I shouldn't expect too much

I know with this love thing i should never rush.

but can I get a " Refill" of this "Conversational Lush"

I wish I could slow down my mind

I wish i could speed up time.

I wish you could hurry up and be mine.

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