I'm Devastated That Criminal Minds Is Ending

Excuse Me As I Go Sob Over The End Of The Dr. Reid And Criminal Minds Era

"He was ready to go but I wasn't ready to say goodbye." -Alex Blake

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On January 10, 2019, it was announced that "Criminal Minds", a beloved CBS favorite, would be coming to an end after an impressive 15 seasons. If you're anything like me, this news came not so much as a shock, but much akin to an unwanted Christmas gift from the estranged uncle who gives you those "as seen on tv" gifts every year. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I'm distraught to see an end to one of my absolute favorite shows.

For the past 15 years, the BAU gang has been kicking some serious criminal butt and taking names. But, as with every great adventure, that must now finally come to an end. I'm sure all of the other die-hard "Criminal Minds'" fans out there can agree with me when I say I will desperately miss Spencer Reid's extensive knowledge about seemingly every topic under the sun, well except for the Twilight saga, or Penelope Garcia's boisterous personality and fashion choices.

I was around six or seven years old when this show first aired, so I can't truthfully say I've been watching it since day one, but I can say I have avidly been watching since I was a teenager. Heck for the longest time I thoroughly considered going into the FBI to try and join the behavioral analysis unit, as I'm sure so many other fans also did. Either way, no matter if you've been watching since September 22, 2005, when the first episode aired or you just started watching the show last week the ending of something that lasted for so long and brought so much with it such a sense of familiarity will be hard to let go.

Now, of course, it isn't as if once the show ends every episode ever recorded goes away and we can't watch it anymore, but there's just something so special about watching a new episode and not knowing the intense struggles and different criminals the cast will encounter. That being said, I can promise you if anyone were to ever see my Netflix analytics they will now, and most certainly in the future, see an exponentially large amount of time spent watching "Criminal Minds."

Lately, it seems to me that the question I've been asked the most by my friends is, "what's so special about 'Criminal Minds'"? It's a fair question in all reality. Unlike the majority of the shows that most people tend to gravitate towards "Criminal Minds" doesn't always have the heartfelt, warm fuzzies like "One Tree Hill" or the comedy of "Parks & Rec." What it does offer though is an intensely compelling storyline in each episode that provides an undertone of love and appreciation as you watch the BAU team interact with each other every episode. Also, if I'm quite honest it provides a little bit of everything everyone is looking for. You've got a smidgen of romance every now and again (I'm still crying over Reid and Maeve), some warm fuzzies every time there's a family dinner at Rossi's house (excuse me mansion), and definitely enough guts and gore to keep the animals at bay.

I could sit here and babble on about my love for this show and the overwhelming sadness I am experiencing knowing that it will soon come to an end, but I won't. All I will say is that those who have watched the show know where I'm coming from saying that it truly is the end of an era. To those of you who have never watched "Criminal Minds" before first off, for-shame, and second off give it a chance I promise you won't regret it.

I'll draw this little ~rant~ to a close here by saying that while I am devastated to see the curtain call of a beloved show I will be okay because my Netflix password hasn't changed and for the seasons that never made their way on there that's what Amazon video is for.

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