Criminal minds is an obvious choice when trying to find something to binge-watch on Netflix. However, there are a lot of different aspects to this great show that might not be so obvious.

For example, the show can actually teach you a lot of things about the criminal justice system and the FBI. By dealing with actual cases and things that happen in this world, it makes for a more realistic watching experience.

In the show, there are a wide variety of characters, such as Spencer Reid, who has photographic memory, and is the brains of the team. JJ is the the one who consoles the families of the crime victims, and also adds spunk to the team. Derek Morgan is the obvious heartthrob, who also has the brawn of the team. Next the team has Emily Prentiss - she helps differentiate the motives of serial killers. Then there is Penelope Garcia, the technical analyst who helps get whatever information the team needs as soon as possible. Last, but not least, Aaron Hotchner, the leader of the team who keeps his team's interest at heart. Everyone plays a major role within the team, which makes the group the perfect match to stop criminals and killers. No matter how quirky or odd the cast gets, they always have each others' backs and work like a family.

Working like a family creates a dynamic that draws you in and keeps you on your toes. You know they would go out of there way to protect each other. While there are a lot of other crime shows on TV, this is by far my favorite. Criminal Minds characters go through real things, and they are the best at showing how an actual crime analysis team works together.