Creativity: keys to drive new ideas in companies

Creativity: keys to drive new ideas in companies

To encourage innovation and the emergence of different proposals, companies must ensure stimulating environments that accept errors.


The first is the personal attitude of each person in wanting to be creative. And the creative being begins with the individual: it is a decision that requires leaving the comfort zone. Without a doubt, then there is the climate and the environment that is generated in a company like InventHelp, which should encourage people to create new things.

How can you learn to be creative?

Training every day. Creativity is exercised by questioning: how can I do things differently? The ideal is then to convene a team to enrich the process and then experiment with the new concept generated in the reflective process. This training also requires two essential elements. First, tolerance to failure: experiments can go wrong and set up a learning opportunity to improve the original creative concept. Second, being open and proactive to things that happen outside our company as an element that nourishes our attitude of questioning.

What steps must be followed to carry out our ideas?

Organizations must have a clear process to innovate, to channel, select and prioritize the flow of ideas and projects. And the development of innovation. This means train staff, train leaders who can coordinate projects, have spaces to work in teams and budget to carry out the prototypes of new ideas. It is necessary for people to have time available on their agenda to devote to generating innovative ideas and participating in new projects. In addition, it is essential to have a person responsible for the process and resources to carry out the ideas.

What is the role of managers in creative processes?

Vital, because they are responsible for generating a good climate and culture for people to participate and generate new ideas. This means that they must give space to their managers to question and accept ideas different from their own. Generating innovative culture means challenging people with high goals: it is taking risks knowing that it can fail but that is not why those involved will be punished. In an innovative culture, failures are seen as a learning opportunity. Generating it means making training, spaces, time and resources available to people to innovate.

What are the benefits of developing creativity and promoting innovation in companies?

Without a doubt, the main benefit is the increase in the competitive capacity of companies and long-term sustainability. But another great advantage is the motivation in people: to make them participate in the innovative creative process makes them grow as human beings, increasing loyalty with the company.

In the competitive world in which we live today, does the one who is not creative lose?

In the long term, companies that are not innovative disappear or lose leadership positions. Here I introduce the word innovation because creativity without implementation in the market does not mean success. Precisely the definition of innovation tells us that it is the novel meeting of a solution with a need in the market. Therefore, it is essential to promote creativity and innovation in organizations to ensure the sustainability of the company.

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