Creative Writing Was My Forgotten Outlet, And A Silly Prompt Brought Me Back To Doing The Thing I Love
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Creative Writing Was My Forgotten Outlet, And A Silly Prompt Brought Me Back To Doing The Thing I Love

It all started with recalling memories, tater tots, and Taylor Swift.

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Growing up, I had always been infatuated with creating stories and comics - essentially, anything that expressed my creativity. There is something special about writing for genuine fun and being able to let your thoughts erupt onto sheets of paper.

I decided to take a creative writing course this semester, and it opened my eyes and made me realize how important it is to keep up with the things we enjoy doing. I enjoy making my absurd thoughts come to life by simply typing on a keyboard. A simple assignment from my "Intro to Nature" writing class suddenly awoke me to this sensation again.

The prompt read:

"I want you to include the words: Headhunter, bungee cord, hand grenade, suppository, crescent moon, tater tots, and Taylor Swift in your response. You know what? I also want you to include the phrase 'butterfly of love.'"

Reading this, I had thought this was the most bizarre thing I've ever been told to write about. How I managed to keep my eyes glued to my document, I have no definitive answer to. Looking back on it, I am glad to have been forced to do this assignment. I initially started writing for the grade and found myself getting invested in this confusing prompt. It was the emotional connection I was throwing in, as well as the stress from this week.

As repetitive as it sounds, it is true that we forget to do things that we used to like doing. Personally, I feel as if a huge portion of this has to do with responsibility and the feeling of growing out of things. I had been so caught up in a multitude of things that I forgot how therapeutic writing about the most mundane things are.

After submitting this particular assignment, I looked back at my older work, and while it was absolutely embarrassing reading the older work I had done, I felt good about it. It was evident that I had grown as a writer and a person, just by skimming through these previous writings.

My older works of writing were like time capsules that catapulted me back to the past.

I intend to write more this year. There is something rewarding about the process of learning and growing. Writing makes you think about the unthinkable and pulls you in and makes you question yourself. Writing for your souls is just as important as writing for a school assignment.

People express feelings about themselves in many ways, and being able to find what that is, is important to all of us. For me, it just happens to be writing absurd pieces of how the stars look from the back of an old, blue Honda with way too much detail.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

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