Creation Sings His Glory

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons-football, Thanksgiving, cooler weather, and so much more. Yet, my favorite thing about Fall has to be seeing nature transform with the season.

Although we see the weather change and different flowers bloom in other seasons, I feel as though fall undergoes the most beautiful transformation. For instance, the gradual process of a tree's leaves changing from green to a warm red color is so mesmerizing to watch.

Walks in the afternoon are the best as the weather is that perfect cool temperature before everything is "bone-chilling cold."

My family and I used to go to the Great Smoky Mountains nearly every fall. I've always felt the closest to God in the mountains, but this is especially so during the fall.

Watching the warm autumn sun climb over the smoke-covered mountains provides a satisfying feeling that cannot be described; it must be experienced. This is one time of the year when I am motivated to wake up early to watch the sun rise.

It is nearly impossible for me to be in a bad mood when I walk outside and see the beautiful, auburn leaves drifting through the air with the evening breeze.

And the sky...The color of the sky in the fall is so unique. It is a deep shade of blue, and often there is not a cloud in the sky. When the sky looks like this, it seems as though the sky is neverending in its reach.

How could such a remarkable work just appear out of nowhere? I do not believe it can. The awe-inspiring facets of nature can only be credited to a Creator who is even more marvelous than His creation-God.

" The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork." -Psalm 19:1

God's fingerprints can be seen everywhere you look. From the rolling hills of the plains to the roaring waves of the coast, God has perfectly crafted each individual part of nature.

After a hard day or week, finding something to be positive about can be a difficult task. If this is the place yourself in, look up and look out at all God has given you, all that He has created.

There are many things to look forward to about fall. Acknowledging the miraculousness of each part of creation is something that I'll be

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