The Place With The Cream Colored Walls

She wakes up before the sun.

She walks over to the window and stares at the lake.

There is now a swan? A goose? She doesn't know, it's too far away.

The sun rises, and before she knows it, a new man comes into the room.

"Breakfast is here," he says before leaving the room again.

She brushes her teeth, showers, and yanks the comb through her hair before leaving.

She goes down the long, quiet hallway before finding everyone else.

There's a table of people, probably all in their 20s making noise and laughing.

She's handed a tray, a piece of paper, and plastic silverware.

She sits alone in the corner, observing everyone else.

She glances at the paper, "Menu for Tomorrow (Circle what you would like)".

They all sound good, but it's hospital food.

She flips the paper over and finds 1-5 scales with "How did you sleep? How are you doing? etc."

After she eats she runs back to her room.

She looks at the folder she was given when she got there.

Inside is a schedule; the next 3 hours are different group sessions.

Instead, she decides to read.

She allows herself to escape to a world of mystery and supernatural problems.

A man comes in, "group is starting in 5 minutes".

She tells him that she isn't going to go and continues to read.

He nods and backs out of the room.

He comes in every hour to convince her to go to the new group sessions.

Every time, she declines and continues reading.

Eventually, a nurse comes in and leads her to an office.

Blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood tests.

Then she is led to an office where a man is behind the desk.

He introduces himself as a psychiatrist before asking her a million questions.

"How are you doing? Are you settling in well? They say you read, what have you been reading?"

She answers in single word answers while staring at the ground.

After more questions, he diagnoses her, prescribes her medicine, and walks her to group.

On the way there, he tells her the importance of going to every group session.

"It is essential to recover," he tells her confidently.

They get to a room and he opens the door to reveal the group.

He pushes her slightly into the room before shutting the door behind her.

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