Food You Crave On A Liquid Diet After Surgery

Surgery stinks. I can't drive. I can't do a lot of things I am used to doing but let's be honest, everyone likes to eat... I can't anymore. Being on a liquid diet is the worst, so here is a list of foods I am CRAZY CRAVING.

1. Blooming onions

I do not even eat these normally, but I literally had a dream about them.

2. Cookie cake

Who does not like these?

3. Soft pretzels

With some warm cheese... yummmmm

4. Crispy chicken wrap

My mouth is watering... not from surgery.

5. Salt and vinegar chips

I miss the sting they give my mouth.

6. Chinese food

Orange Chicken or Chicken with Broccoli ? Hard choices.

7. Pizza

Speaks for itself... just look at it.

8. Chicken and waffles

Give me some good southern comfort food, PLEASE.

9. Wine

It may be a liquid but none for me :(

10. Swedish fish

Swedish fish, dots, gummy bears, ANYTHING!!!!!

11. Home cooked meals

My mom made a whole chicken in the crock pot tonight... with God only knows what else... but all I got was baby food!

12. Salad

Who craves salad? I do!

13. Pickles

A friend of mine keeps making them home made & I am just sitting here waiting til I can taste even a crappy manufactured one.

14. Smoothies

They be liquid but it is not as smooth as water so I cannot take it down.

15. Cheesy Bread

My two favorite food groups... Bread & Cheese.

16. Fruit

I miss eating lemons, oranges, apples, grapes, strawberries and blueberries... do not tell my mom, she'd be surprised.

17. Taco Bell

Take me back to school when Taco Bell was my main source of food off campus.

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